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Document Assembly

(The author of this list has been asked about the availability of automated document assembly applications countless times. DocuSmarts, while very powerful, comes from a very elusive company. Many of the features that you are looking for are now contained in the latest version of Microsft Word, or can be approximated using the merge and macro capabilities of Word Perfect. Or, you may not really need a document assembly program as much as you suspect. Try out the excellent shareware program ScrapIt Pro, listed below first.)

ScrapIt Pro
John V. Holder
1734 "S" Street
Eureka, CA 95501
FAX: (707) 443-3813
Email: America Online: JohnHolder@aol.com
World Wide Web: http://www.northcoast.com/~jvholder/ (You can download a copy of the software from this site.)
(ScrapIt Pro, is an editable, searchable scrapbook that makes organizing and retrieving boilerplate quick and easy. It is NOT a document assembly program, but many attorneys find it to be all that they need to assist them in rapidly assembling routine documents. ScrapIt Pro allows you to easily store and keep track of huge amounts of text so that you can immediately access what you need for insertion into an open document.

This utility made MacUser's list of the top 30 shareware programs of 1995! Anything you can copy to the clipboard can be pasted and stored in a ScrapIt Pro file. Features full support of Apple's latest technologies: Drag & Drop, QuickDraw 3D, Speech, and more!)

Cognition Technology Corporation
1000 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 492-0246
(617) 492-0247 fax
(DocuSmarts is a power tool for the efficient, error-free, custom generation of standardized documents with text, tables, charts and graphics. Using a simple interview method, DocuSmarts enables users to assemble finished complex documents, such as insurance contracts, medical reports, patent applications, investment prospectus filings or legal documents (e.g., court papers, wills and trusts) in less than five percent of the usual time.)

Optimus Solutions Pty Ltd
Office Address: Suite 8, 226 Condamine Street, Manly Vale, NSW, 2093
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1355, Manly, NSW, 2095
Phone: +61 2 9948 0166
Fax: +61 2 9948 0177
Email: dave@optimus.net
(Retrieves data from either a merge datafile or database and invokes a merge into your document.)

(Also see: Amicus Attorney under Law Office Management, which includes limited built-in document assembly capabilities in conjunction with Microsoft Word 6 and later.)


Forms Creation

Webmaster's Note:

In many states, and in Federal practice, attorneys must use forms provided by the courts for pleading, etc. These forms are often available from vendors ready to fill out on your computer and print (see: Standardized Forms), and sometimes they are even associated with a database engine to make it faster and easier to fill out the forms and enabling you to automatically reuse the filled in information.

However, in some instances forms are not available electronically. In that case it is a fairly simple matter to create and use electronic versions of these forms yourself, though there are several different approaches you can take to doing so.

The most common way sole practitioners tackle this is to purchase an inexpensive Visioneer Paperport scanner and use it and the included software to create a reusable electronic form. (See: FormTyper, listed below.)

However, you don't need to purchase a scanner to create your own electronic version of forms. You can go to a service bureau such as Kinko's and inexpensively scan the form once, save it as a PICT or TIFF, and then have it to use indefinately. Of course, you can also purchase one of the new, inexpensive flatbed scanners for the Mac (going for as low as $100 at this writing) and scan-in your forms that way.

After you have scanned-in your form and have saved it as a graphic image there are many options on how you can choose to fill in the blanks.

The simplest way to go may be to import the graphic image of the form into ClarisWorks. Thanks to M. Joseph Schaller and Nancy A. Gee for contributing the following tips on using ClarisWorks to fill-in scanned forms. They are both particpants on the MacAttorney e-mail discussion list.

Using ClarisWorks to fill-in scanned forms:

Nancy A. Gee:
I have been scanning the forms as a PICT or TIFF file, then opening it as a drawing in ClarisWorks. I just "fill in the blanks" as text frames over the form, then print it out. It's more "cut and paste" and "find and replace". Certainly not elegant, but it gets the work done. It's certainly better than a typewriter: if I prepare the same form more than once, I just replace the necessary information, and print it out.

M. Joseph Schaller:
That's a useful technique. If you'd like to automate it a little, try these tips:

1. Don't use a drawing, use a Database in ClarisWorks.

2. Switch to Layout mode and paste your "picture" in there.

3. Set up fields to match the blanks. You can even apply "calculations" (formulas) so that when one field equals such-and-so, another field equals something else. You can specify the type of each field, as numbers, as text, and so on. (Dates, serial numbers, checkboxes, pick lists, etc.)

4. Move these fields over the appropriate blanks. You probably don't want to include the field names (but you might). You can also make multiple layouts, one in easy tabular format for inputting the data, the other with your fancy form picture for printout. The data will be the same in both.

5. Since it's a database, once you've filled one out, you can duplicate that record for cases where 90% of the information remains the same, and just change the few.

6. It's no harder nor more time-consuming than what you're doing now, and as you say, beats the heck out of a typewriter.


Or course, there are other ways to use the graphic image of the form.

You can import it into Filemaker Pro (Filemaker Corp.; 5201 Patrick Henry Dr.; P.O. Box 58168; Santa Clara, CA 95052; 408-987-7000, 800-544-8554) and then create hot fields in the appropriate areas and designate the type of information that should go into the fields in Filemaker so that the fields are automatically filled out.

You can scan it and use a utility that uses optical character recognition to detect the blanks in the form and then automatically makes them into hot fields into which you can input data on-screen. Omni-Form is the most popular of these (listed below.)

At presstime I have been informed of, but have not seen, a new Adobe Acrobat plug-in for using forms. (Adobe Systems, 1585 Charleston Road; P.O. Box 7900; Mountain View, CA 94039; 415-961-4400, 800-833-6687) I am told that this may be an even better tool for manipulating scanned forms than Omniform in that no OCR is required (though you can run "Capture") and the fields can be set up quite easily. It may be a little faster to create a finished product with this plug-in and Acrobat than Omniform.

Finally, you can recreate the entire form (or scan it and adapt it) in Informed Designer (listed below).


Fremont, CA
(510) 608-0300
(800) 787-7007
(510) 608-0305 fax
(800) 505-0175 fax-back system
World Wide Web: http://www.visioneer.com
$19.95 add-on to Visioneer Paperport scanner and software
(Allows users to digitize pre-printed forms and fill them out on-screen. Identifies and high-lights blank spaces on the pre-printed form. Users can select different fonts and tab between fields before printing, faxing or e-mailing the completed document.)

Caere Corporation
100 Cooper Ct.
Los Gatos, CA 95030
fax 408-354-2743
Manufacturer's suggested retail price: $349.
(OmniForm is the easiest and most robust method ever for Mac users to turn any paper form into an electronic version, or to rapidly create dynamic, new electronic forms.

With the cross-platform design of OmniForm for Macintosh, users in "mixed" computing environments are able to share form files between Macs and PCs. OmniForm for Macintosh turns any paper form into an electronic version without cumbersome redrawing or formatting simply by scanning the paper form into a Macintosh.

Through OmniForm for Macintosh's easy-to-use interface, users can take the automated electronic form reproduction and make edits or modifications on a live document. The program automatically recognizes all of the design elements of the form and converts them into text and live form objects such as lines and rectangles along with data entry fields, comb fields, check boxes and tables. Once converted, users can attach graphics and fill out the form directly on screen.

A wide range of forms, even those with complex graphics, can be converted to electronic format and modified through a broad range of scanners, including models from Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Visioneer. Users without a scanner can use a fax machine to import a paper form to a Macintosh by faxing the form into the Mac via a fax modem and converting the resulting PICT or TIFF files.

Forms created with OmniForm can be filled, spell checked, printed (on a laser printer or a pre-printed form) and faxed. Data contained in those forms can be saved, imported to and exported from various popular databases including Claris' FileMaker, Claris Works, Microsoft Excel and Acius 4th Dimension. Additionally, forms created with OmniForm can be sent via e-mail as an attachment.

In addition to Caere's OmniPage OCR technology, OmniForm for Macintosh takes advantage of Logical Form Recognition(TM) to simplify the creation of electronic forms. Caere's OCR technology recognizes text and words while Logical Form Recognition identifies form elements automatically. Together, they are a dynamic combination which facilitates the scanning and conversion of paper forms to electronic format. Word recognition in OmniForm for Macintosh has been further bolstered with Language Analyst [an innovative feature which uses dictionaries, linguistic rules and contextual data to further increase the accuracy of OCR.])

Informed Designer
Shana Corporation
Contact person: Alex Steida
9744 45th Avenue
Edmonton Alberta Canada T6E 5C5
Phone: (403) 433-3690
Fax: (403) 437-4381
E-mail: info@shana.com
World Wide Web: http://www.shana.com
Single User Price $295 (includes one copy of Informed Filler)
Multiple price (see Informed Filler listing)
Is the product designed to work on a network? Yes
Does the product work cross-platform (both Mac and PC)? Yes
Product description:
Informed Designer is part of the Informed suite of cross-platform electronic forms solutions. Using Designer, you can develop precise electronic facsimiles of any paper form. Your forms can include built-in intelligence such as calculations, pull down choice lists, form numbering, automatic error-checking and data formatting, and other features to make them more effective. Even obsolete forms are eliminated with automatic revision control. Informed is fully scalable, and its architecture was designed so that new capabilities (eg, interaction with a new e-mail program) can be added without requiring an upgrade. Check out our web site for more details Informed forms can work with your company's existing systems.

Informed Filler
Shana Corporation
Contact person: Alex Steida
9744 45th Avenue
Edmonton Alberta Canada T6E 5C5
Phone: (403) 433-3690
Fax: (403) 437-4381
E-mail: info@shana.com
World Wide Web: http://www.shana.com
Single User Price $195
Multiple Price Discounts start at 5 users with a range of licensing options.
Is the product designed to work on a network? Yes
Does the product work cross-platform (both Mac and PC)? Yes
Product description:
Informed Filler is used to complete forms designed with Informed Designer. Filler works with the built-in intelligence to make the forms-fill task easier, more cost effective and more accurate. Informed interacts with a wide range of proprietary e-mail and database systems, and forms can be fully secured with digital signatures. Informed maintains the familiarity of paper forms (making Filler easy to implement) while eliminating their inefficiencies, and can offer an immediate return on investment in many legal office processes. Informed is uniquely powerful in cross-platform environments, since forms can be mailed between different platforms completely transparently. Filler even maintains its own database of completed forms for immediate access and retrieval.

Informed Filler for Java
Shana Corporation
Contact person: Alex Steida
9744 45th Avenue
Edmonton Alberta Canada T6E 5C5
Phone: (403) 433-3690
Fax: (403) 437-4381
E-mail: info@shana.com
World Wide Web: http://www.shana.com
Single User Price $495
Multiple Price Discounts start at 5 users
Is the product designed to work on a network? Yes
Does the product work cross-platform (both Mac and PC)? Yes
Product description:
Informed Filler for Java is a Java applet used to fill out visually appealing, intelligent forms in any Java capable Web browser. Forms are created using Informed Designer in either Windows or Mac OS and saved for use with Informed Filler for Java. Once your Java forms, and the Java applet, are placed on your Web server, anyone with a Java capable browser can fill them out. No additional client software, and no complicated installation or configuration process is required; and you have great looking browser forms, with local intelligence (reducing the need for CGI programing), that can be fully integrated with your regular desktop forms.


Redlining and Document Collaboration

(WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Most of these utilities allow you to load in two different versions of the same document and then it generate a third document which shows all of the changes (additions and subtractions) as well as the unchanged text, between the two, and it highlights the differences in different typefaces or colors so that you can easily see these differences. DocuComp (listed below), was the class leader for this up until a couple of years ago, when the rights to it were sold to Adobe. It has since become unavailable. Microsoft Word 6 for the Macintosh and Word 98 for the Macintosh, will do this too. Choose "revisions" under the "tools" menu and Word will compare the file you have open with any other Word file that you choose.)

Michael D Kim
3500 Treetops Circle, Suite 204
San Bruno, CA 94066.
E-mail: comparadocs@ahaweb.com
World Wide Web: http://www.ahaweb.com/comparadocs/ Free demo available.
A single-user license for ComparaDocs Lite is $79 (academic pricing, $30). A single-user license for ComparaDocs Pro is $249. Discounts apply for multi-user licenses of 100+ users.
Does the product work cross-platform (both Mac and PC)? Yes, and Java.
ComparaDocs is document comparison and redlining software. ComparaDocs compares documents with each other to generate a comparison report showing all changes made to the selected documents. ComparaDocs reports not only all phrases inserted or deleted but also any phrases that were moved.

591-A Constitution Avenue
Camarillo, CA 93012
(805) 484-9400
(800) 484-9817 ext. 6249
(805) 484-9428 FAX
E-Mail: d0397@applelink.apple.com
World Wide Web: http://www.mstay.com/products/mu20_ab1.html
(Document editing and redlining software. Works by creating an application-independent copy of the base document. Then various markups or redline changes are "layered" over the original. )

DocuComp/Adobe File Utilties
1585 Charleston Rd.
P.O. Box 7900
Mountain View, CA 94039
(800) 624-6107
(415) 961-4400
(800) 833-6687
(206) 470-7138 FAX
World Wide Web: http://www.adobe.com
1 user CD-ROM: $149; 5 user CD-ROM: $596
(DocuComp is redlining software with the unique ability to automatically compare two versions of the same document and show all the differences and changes. Invaluable when collaborating on a project or when negotiating a contract or other agreement. Mastersoft, the creator of DocuComp, was purchased by Adobe.

Last year (1997) Adobe sold all of the components of File Utilities to Inso Corporation. As of this writing, ownership of DocuComp has been returned to Adobe, though Adobe is not currently marketing it. Support for Docucomp is available by contacting Adobe at (206) 628-2755 or by contacting Adobe Technical Support via their web site at http://www.adobe.com


Legal Dictionaries

Gilbert's Legal Dictionary for the Macintosh
2 Graham Road West
Ithaca, New York 14850
Voice: (607) 257-5634
Fax: (607) 257-1665
E-Mail: Exceller@aol.com
World Wide Web: http://www.exceller.com/
Price: $39.95 plus shipping & handling.
Also available on Compuserve (GO EXCELLER) for download at a lower price: $18.95

Bouvier's Law Dictionary
Inductel Inc
5339 Prospect Road, Ste 321
San Jose CA 95129
(408) 866-8016
(408) 243-1762 fax

Comprehensive Spelling Dictionary
Alki Software Corporation
300 Queen Anne Ave. N., Ste.410
Seattle, WA 98109
phone: 206-286-2600
fax: 206-286-2785
World Wide Web: http://www.alki.com/Mac/Word6/spell/default.htm
E-mail: sales@alki.com
List price: $ 79.95
Alki direct price: $ 69.95
Supplemental dictionary for Microsoft Word 5.x or 6.x. Adds 74,100 medical, legal, business, financial, and insurance terms not found in the standard spelling dictionary that comes with Word.


Debt Collection Software

Total Collections
Capital Transactions
Star Route Box 50
Greig, NY 13345
Contact Person: John Droz, jr.
Phone and fax number: 315-348-8551
E-mail address: aaprjohn@northnet.org
World Wide Web: http://www.northnet.org/brvmug/DebtCollection.html
Price (single user): $495
(The Total Collections software program is designed so that a law firm can do a sophisticated and complete job of delinquent self pay account debt collections. The purpose of the program is to keep track of large amounts of debtor data, generate essentially any type of report, send any number of letters, make phone calls, calculate interest owed, etc. The principle features of the program are that it is: 1) easy to use, 2) powerful, and 3) customizable. Client data can be entered manually or electronically (via Excel). Additional consulting is also available on a per hour basis.)

Debt Collector's Companion
DLA Software Pty Ltd
Contact Person: David P. Lewis, Managing Director
Level 3, 35 Clarence Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000 DX 850 AUSTRALIA
Telephone: (+61 2) 9262 2255
Fax: (+61 2) 9262 2290
E-mail: david_lewis@dlagroup.com.au
World Wide Web: http://www.dlagroup.com.au
Price: base modules supplied, product requires modification for each jurisdiction.
(Debt Collector's Companion handles large volume Debt Collection and attends to sophisticated and repetitious aspects such as interest and scale charge calculations. The software produces all relevant Court documents and tracks each stage of the proceedings. Both Macintosh and Windows are supported. Debt Collector's Companion constantly brings forward all the matters which require attention on the present day at any of four stages-

(a) letter of demand;
(b) statement of claim;
(c) affidavit of debt;
(d) writ of execution

As each day's work at a particular stage is presented, it is possible to defer action in a matter and write a short note about the reason for deferral. The matter is then temporarily removed from the list to re-appear when appropriate. When the deferral process is complete, a single button click will generate the appropriate document and write that event and its cost into a transaction log. Interest is automatically calculated as statements of claim and applications for writs of execution are generated. Next action dates are automatically re-assigned when the printing is successfully completed.

Once the parties and their debts have been defined, Debt Collector's Companion is driven from a Priorities window. Choosing "Demands", "Statements", "Judgements" or "Writs" displays in a scrolling list all the matters which are respectively at the stage of needing a letter of demand, statement of claim, affidavit of debt or writ of execution. Any matter can be chosen, a comment written and a new review date set. All the matters remaining at the end of this filtering process can then have the relevant document generated and a record written to a log file to the effect that step has been take. A detailed cheque requisition to cover filing fees and a lodgment form in the format required by the court are also automatically prepared. A new review date is automatically set for these matters.

Complex client reporting and full document generation is provided. Debt Collector's Companion can be totally customised for any legal jurisdiction and client requirements. This software is specifically designed for very high volume Debt Collection agencies of legal practices.)


Miscellaneous. Productivity Applications

Spell Catcher
Casady & Greene, Inc.
22734 Portola Dr.
Salinas, CA 93908
fax 408-484-9218
E-mail: c&g@casadyg.com
Suggested retail price: $79.95
(This is one of those products that you may end up wondering how you ever lived without it. A spell-checker, thesaurus, glossary and word-saver in one product. Spell Catcher is the upgrade to what was formerly Thunder 7. It works while your are using ANY other Macintosh program, including your word processor and e-mail program, to improve and speed document creation. Spell Catcher ships complete with an additional main Legal dictionary containing approximately 20,000 words.

There are two methods of spell-checking offered - Interactive and Batch.Interactive spell-checking "watches" while the user types, alerting them with a beep when a spelling error, double word, or capitalization error occurs. This mode can make alternate spelling suggestions on the spot. Traditional batch spell-checking will check an entire document for errors all at once.

Spell-Checker's comprehensive Thesaurus can improve documents while assisting writers with word selection. The Word-Saver feature saves keystrokes to help recover data in the event of a crash or power failure. The Shorthand Glossary feature can speed up a user's typing by using shorthand macros for commonly used phrases. Spell Catcher automatically expands shorthand notes. For example "Vty," can become "Very truly yours" automatically.)

Nirvana Research
POBox 5249
Santa Cruz, CA 95063-5249
voice (408) 459-8307
E-mail: nirvana@got.net
World Wide Web: http://moof.com/nirvana/
List price: Lite version: FREE! from Web site; Full version: $489.
This product allows you to throw away your Dictaphone and use your Mac instead as a more advanced dictation device, with more features.
It works well on both desktop and Powerbook Macintoshes. In the office you can dictate on your Mac, then e-mail (or sneaker-net) the recording to a secretary. The program allows simultaneous playback while typing in your word processor for easy transcription.
Outside the office you can record anywhere with your Powerbook, your empty hard disk space typically allowing you to record many hours of conversation.
Free version available at: MicNotePad Lite.
Latest version is much less of a hassle than dealing with dictation tape, and the sound quality is as good or better than anything else on the market. Program is completely reliable when used as a background operation.
Random access to recorded data with no winding, no tape, no extra desktop space, unique position markers, great for reviewing and archiving lectures, many ways to customize to your needs. Simple to use. Author of this site is impressed by the fact that this software can turn an ordinary Powerbook into a surreptitious recording device that no one would suspect...hmmm!
NEW!: stereo in the Lite version.
The full version MicNotePad now can play back from a recording WHILE you're recording something else !!! That means you can playback the testimony of a witness, someone in a deposition, or a suspect during an investigation, and still keep recording!

MacLaser Biller
Bristol & Deimos Joint Venture
112 Langley Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4K 1B5
(416) 461-2954
(416) 461-8488 fax
Pricing is USD$500 for a 5 user license, and $100 per user thereafter. Site licensing is available.
Contact person: David Mars
World Wide Web: http://www.maclaser.com/
(Laser Printing Cost Recovery Software. MacLaser Biller software is designed to let lawyers control the cost of printing from any Macintosh to laser printers. MacLaser Biller works with all Macintosh applications and with all print devices which can be attached to a Macintosh. MacLaser Biller works as a virtual photocopy count control device - it gives you all of the benefits of cost control without any requirements for extra hardware. It was originally written for some of the large Macintosh law firms in Toronto, is designed specifically for law firms, and provides a very fast payback.

Consider a law firm with 50 lawyers - 25 partners and 25 associates. The average number of pages printed on a laser printer by or on behalf of each lawyer, per year, is about 20,000. Therefore the 50 lawyer firm would print 1 million pages. Law firms typically bill for photocopies at about twenty-five cents a page, or more. Assuming that the law firm can bill for one-half of the 1 million pages printed, then the law firm can bill for 500,000 pages a year. At twenty-five cents a page, the law firm can therefore recover $125,000 a year. This $125,000 a year would pay the lease costs on a LOT of Macs.

If you would like a copy of the Standard version of the MacLaser Biller demonstration software, drop Deimos Joint Venture
a note with some details of your Mac site(s).)

Law Student Advantage
Kagi Shareware
1442-A Walnut Street #392
Berkeley, CA 94709-1405
E-mail: webpope@kagi.com
World Wide Web: http://www.metro.net/bleifle/ (free demo available at this site.)
(Law Student Advantage is a group of Filemaker Pro templates designed to aid law students in their studies. Law Student Advantage helps organize records and notes for easy retrieval during test time. Included are a briefing template, note-taking template as well as a flash-card template. A lite version, which is time limited, is available on several online services, such as America Online, for those who would like to try out the product before purchasing it. Requires Filemaker Pro 3.0 or higher.)

What's That Case??
Zevnik, Horton, Guibord & McGovern
620 Hansen Way, Ste. B
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(415) 842-5920
E-Mail: bidz@aol.com
Contact Person: Zenon J. Bidzinski
Suggested Retail Price: $79
("What's That Case??", was designed in FileMaker Pro specifically to enhance the productivity of the most basic, substantive work done by legal professionals, namely the briefing of cases, statutes, and other legal materials. Now it can also be used to brief and organize sets of Internet cites. It creates a centralized, computer-based, research file for lawyers, judges, law professors, and students. The program has several strengths: 1) an intuitive ease-of-use and low-learning curve; 2) screen sensitive HELP files; 3) accelerated data-entry features; 4) printed reports that can be customized; 5) numerous screen reports; and 6) data exchange with other programs, including other databases. For law students, the program provides an ideal way not only to prepare and organize the daily briefs needed for class, but also to begin building a brief bank that can be used for the bar review and after throughout a career.)

Forensic Economist
J.P. Consulting Inc.
P.O. Box 3053
Duluth MN 55803
(218) 724-8920
Contact Person: Jerrold Peterson
E-mail: jpeters1@d.umn.edu
World Wide Web:
A demo is available for down loading through the internet. The address is:
(Calculates damages.)

Dragon PowerSecretary
Dragon Systems, Inc. of
Newton, MA
Contact Person: Roger Matus, Director of Marketing
For sales information and compatibility information call: 1-800-TALKTYP
World Wide Web: http://www.dragonsys.com
newly reduced prices: The Personal Edition of Dragon PowerSecretary is priced at $199, the Power Edition at $395. A list of compatibile Macs is available on the Dragon Systems web site
(Many attorneys resist using computers because they do not know how to type and do not want to learn how. Computer manufacturers have long held out the promise of a computer that you can dictate to and which will instantly transcribe your dictation into printed text . That promise has been realized for the Macintosh with this product. I've played with this product and it works surprisingly well. It will accurately take dictation at about the rate of 30 to 40 words per minute; about the speed of an average typist. You can even define speech macros which will instantly type out larger amounts of boilerplate. This product will also allow you to control the rest of your computer via speech. Truly an amazing product that many attorneys have been waiting for!

The only speech recognition dictation solution for the MAC OS. The software can be used right out of the box and the more it is used, the higher the accuracy and performance. The system automatically adapts the acoustic model to dialects and the language model to speaking patterns during use. It also allows users to dictate, edit, move and format text or data directly into their application while dynamically adjusting to changes in background noise.

Dragon PowerSecretary is offered in two different editions.

The Power Edition is designed to work with any standard Macintosh application as well as support custom software. The Power Edition has a 60,000 word active vocabulary and offers an extensive 120,000 word integrated dictionary which covers a broad range of topics, places and names.

The Personal Editions were developed to allow the user to dictate into just one application, including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, ClarisWorks and FilemakerPro. The Personal Editions feature a 32,000 active word vocabulary with the 120,000 word back-up dictionary.)

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: This software does not do what is commonly known as "continuous speech" recognition. That is, you cannot speak in a normal speaking voice and expect it to recognize what you are saying. It can only handle "discrete" speech. That is, when you speak haltingly, pausing between words. Dragon makes a continuous speech product for the IBM-compatible PC, and it is wildly popular, but they have so far declined to port it over to the Macintosh. If you are interested in seeing such a product, you may want to send a polite letter to that effect to Dragon.

*If you are interested in seeing a continuous speech dicatation product for the Mac, run, don't walk, to this Web site: http://www.macspeech.com/

The Orator Company
Chula Vista, CA
E-Mail: bpill@sight.net
World Wide Web: http://www.the-orator.com
Price: $89.95 (A free demo version is available. Choose ADDITIONAL INFO on their Web site.)
(This is a program that emulates a teleprompter on a laptop (works on desktops too, of course). With easy keyboard controls to pause the scrolling, speed it up, slow it down, etc. Any word processor can be used to enter the text of a speech or lecture---or the talk can be prepared in outline form.

In addition to showing the user the words [or outline] of a talk, SPeechPrompter also had exceptional graphic capabilities. Slides and movies can be shown to the audience while the user sees the speech. An excellent tool for litigators in court. )


(Offerings vary considerably by state. The author of this list would very much appreciate information about other vendors not listed here, and to which states their materials pertain. NOTE: Vendors usually refuse to give out pricing information because their prices change often and because they are negotiable. Cutthroat competition exists between certain vendors. Ask for prices among the vendors that you prefer, and then see what each will offer [both in prices and additional products] to get your business!)

(WEBMASTER’S NOTE: There are far too many legal CD-ROM products for the Macintosh for me to know about all of them. If you don’t see what you want on this list (this list contains all the CD-ROM based products that I know about) the following resource may prove useful:

Directory Of Law-Related CD-ROM's
Infosources Publishing
Contact Person: Arlene Eis
140 Norma Road
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Phone/fax 201-836-7072
Email: aeis@carroll.com
URL: http://www.infosourcespub.com
$64. plus $6 shipping

The Directory Of Law-Related CD-ROM's lists about 1,300 CD-ROM's relating to law. The Directory contains full descriptive and technical information about each CD-ROM. Hundreds of subjects are covered. Included are a subject index, a publisher index, a search software index, an index to Macintosh products, and an index to CD-ROMs on the Internet. Special discounts of 10%-25% are offered by 30 publishers on 80+ products to Directory subscribers. The book may pay for itself with the discount earned on the first CD-ROM purchase. For more information about the Directory and its thrice-yearly UPDATE service, see their web site at http://www.infosourcespub.com

A word about the compatibility of
caselaw/practice-guide CD-ROM's with a Macintosh.

Most such CD-ROM's are simply a huge database (in this case just a lot of text) with a bit of software included to allow you to quickly and easily find the information that you want in that database. This software is called a "search engine". Most legal CD-ROM's these days use the search engine provided by the Folio Corporation. (An exception are the CD-ROM's from West, which uses their own in-house produced proprietary software, Premise, for which there is a wonderfully compatible version for the Macintosh. Since West, Bancroft-Whitney, Lawyer's Cooperative, Thomsen Publishing, et. al., are now one big happy family, it should be interesting to see if they all move to using Premise instead of purchasing search engine software from a third party, such as Folio.)

When Folio sells these companies their development package, they include a license to distribute both the Windows and Macintosh versions of the search engine software with their product at no extra charge. When a database has been prepared for use with a Folio search engine, generally, it is then compatible with the search engines for both platforms. So, usually, if a CD-ROM is advertised as using "Folio"as its search engine, it should be compatible with the Macintosh, whether the company that developed that CD actually intends to support the Macintosh or not. If the company has included the Macintosh version of the Folio search engine software on the CD-ROM, then that CD will be perfectly compatible with the Mac.

Some companies may not include the Macintosh version of the Folio search engine software on the CD-ROM. In some cases you can contact the company and request that they send the Macintosh version of the Folio search engine software to you (which shouldn't cost any more, since the company doesn't have to pay extra for it), and you can install that software on your hard drive and seamlessly use their CD-ROM.

Some problems may arise though. Some companies may refuse to send you a copy of the Macintosh software because they refuse to support the Macintosh for one reason or another. One reason may be that they stubbornly refuse to support the Macintosh market because they don't want to provide tech support to Mac users (which would require hiring Macintosh-literate technical support people.) In this case you can try reasoning with them (ask to speak to someone with some clout), or you can purchase both their product and a copy of Folio Views for the Macintosh separately from Folio Corporation [(800) 543 6546, contact person: Kathleen Burnham].

However, in some rare instances (for example: Matthew-Bender's Authority series, for now), even the last suggestion may not work. If the company has set up the database on their CD-ROM using copy protection features available to them as a feature of the Folio software, then you cannot make an end run around the company by getting the Mac version of the software from Folio Corporation. You will need to gain the co-operation of the company that produces that CD-ROM, or be content with patronizing a competitor of theirs.

When using the CD-ROM's from some companies, (for example: CEB) which do not include the Mac version of the Folio search engine and which were not made with the Macintosh in mind at all, you may encounter small areas of gibberish characters in the text of cases or articles. That is embedded code for Windows. It may be there to allow a Windows user to easily print a section, or perform some other such task. This code will not work on the Mac and is nothing more than a minor distraction. You will simply use the standard Folio commands to do the things that this code was added for.

If you see a product that you are interested in, which uses the Folio software, but which is targeted at Windows only, be sure to call the company and tell them that you are interested in a Macintosh version and don't just call them, but follow up with a short, polite letter on your letterhead explaining how they are losing a sale. The extra work that the company would have to go through to provide a Macintosh version is very small, and if they perceive that there is a decent demand they may decide to provide the product.

Make sure to let the author of this site know of such products. I will post news about them on the MacAttorney e-mail discussion list, and other Macintosh using attorneys who are interested in the product can contact the company and pressure them to make it Mac-compatible.

NOTE: (January, 1998) Folio has recently released version 4.0 of Folio for the Intel world which is NOT backward compatible with version 3.0, and for which, as of yet, there is no Macintosh version. If you want to use a Folio-based product that uses Folio 4.0, you are pretty much out of luck unless Folio releases a Macintosh version 4 client for the Mac or the publisher of the CD-ROM that you are interested in double publishes the content in two formats (3 and 4).

620 Opperman Drive
P.O. Box 64833
Eagan, MN 55123-1396
(800) 255-2549 ext. 989
(800) 282-0182
World Wide Web: http://www.westpub.com/PremInfo/premhome.htm
(The Rolls Royce of the field. West's keynote system is unparalleled and probably impossible to duplicate. For caselaw libraries: Case summaries, hot links, time and matter tracking, plain English searches, etc., make the Premise software the best there is. Previous problems with the stability of the software have been completely solved. Probably too slow to comfortably run on 68030 or older-based Macs. Be prepared for a premium price. In California, the California Practice Guides by Rutter are unsurpassed.)
(NOTE: West is a huge publishing company with a presence in many different states. Contact them about their catalog of Macintosh compatible CD-ROM's for such things as practice guides, form packages and federal caselaw.)

West's Hornbook Series on CD-ROM
Comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the principles and issues pertinent to traditional areas of law. Authored by prominent legal scholars. Includes historic background and contemporary analysis.
World Wide Web: http://www.westpub.com/holicat.htm

West's Nutshell Series on CD-ROM
One of the best places to start when learning about an unfamiliar area of law. Very readable series. Useful to both law students and practicing attorneys. Outlines core principles and basic issues assoicated with specific topics of law.

Law Desk
Lawyers Cooperative Publishing
Aqueduct Building Rochester, NY 14694
(800) 762-5272
From California: (800) 313-9339
FAX (716) 546-4837
World Wide Web: http://www.lcp.com
(Uses Folio search engine. Titles include: American Jurisprudence, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register, U.S. Supreme Court Reports.)

Law Desk
Bancroft Whitney/Thomsen Publishing Publishing
50 California Street, 19th floor
San Francisco, CA 94111-4624
(800) 313-9339
(800) 994-9192 Tech Support
(415) 732-8632
E-Mail: lawdesk@bancroft.com
World Wide Web: http://www.bancroft.com
(Uses Folio search engine. Headnotes, case summaries, very clean interface. Fast. Titles include: Deerings California Codes, California Official Reports, Witkin Summary of California Law, Miller and Star California Real Estate, Barclay's Official California Code of Regulations, California Civil Practice. )
(NOTE: Bancroft Whitney/Lawyers Cooperative Publishing/Thomsen Publishing and West have all merged into one big happy family. This creates a huge publishing company with a presence in most states. Contact them about their catalog of Macintosh-compatible CD ROM's for such things as state caselaw practice guides, form packages and federal caselaw.)

20 Shoreline Court
Richmond, CA 94804-4586
(800) 477-5396
(Uses Folio search engine. No amenities, just the bare cases, but a reasonable price and you own the disks.)

Ed Tech Associates
World Wide Web: http://www.codesearch.com
Price: $109
(Complete Searchable California Codes on CD-ROM. Includes all 29 codes on one disk. You must use your own search engine. [See Document Management for suggestions. UltraFind with its indexing add-on would be ideal.])

Clara Law
California Law for Criminal Defense Attorneys
Only sold to criminal defense attorneys!!!
Contact Person: Michael Cantrall
E-mail: webmaster@cpda.org
Web site: http://www.cpda.org
(916) 362-1686 ext. 303
(Two CD set. California caselaw and codes for criminal defense attorneys. Includes five criminal caselaw digests. Uses Folio as search engine.)

DiscLaw Virginia Law
DiscSense, Inc.
Contact: Jim Renehan
10831 West Broad Street, Suite 228
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Fax 804-965-0012
World Wide Web: http://www.disclaw.com
$399.99 per year or $39.99 per month
Special Discount Price for SOLO Attorneys limited time only!!!
(Virginia Cases and Statutes on CD-ROM. DiscLaw is the most comprehensive and complete CD-ROM of Virginia law available. DiscLaw covers basic Virginia law such as: * Virginia Supreme Court Decisions from 1925
* Virginia Court of Appeals from inception in 1985
* Unpublished Virginia Court of Appeals Decisions
* Rules of the Virginia Supreme Court
* Virginia Code
plus these additional areas:
* Virginia Workers Compensation Opinions from 1985
* Virginia Attorney Generals Opinions from 1977
* Virginia Circuit Court Decisions, from 1980
* Recent US Supreme Court Decisions
* Recent 4th Circuit Decisions
* With more on the way.......
No other CD-ROM contains this much Virginia legal information.)

Oregon Law CD-ROM
Oregon Ivy, Inc.
P.O. Box 160
Gladstone, Oregon 97027
(503) 650-4902
E-Mail: ivysoft@imagina.com
World Wide Web: http://www.imagina.com/webp ages/ivysoft/
Price: $265 per user for current CD-ROM (March 1998), includes quarterly updates through 1998. It is now a 2 CD set. (Data expires January 1999.)
The 1999 subscription rate is tentatively set at $295.
Platforms: Mac Only.
Networking: The application can access files over an AppleTalk network but it is not a server application.

Content: Oregon Revised Statutes for 1997 (with Notes of Decisions); Session Laws for 1993/95/97; All Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals Decisions; Oregon Supreme Court and Court of Appeals decisions from 1976; Tax Court decisions from January 1994; and outdated 1996 Oregon Administrative Rules.

The Oregon Ivy CD uses the proprietary Ivy search engine and document integration scheme.

Every document contains hypertext links directly to specific sections of statutes/rules/session laws and to the pages or paragraph numbers of decisions. The thoroughness of the identification of links and the speed of accessing them are superior to other research tools.

The Oregon Ivy CD showcases the Ivy search engine and document integration scheme. Ron Ledbury will entertain inquiries about providing a carefully crafted, integrated solution to information from other states and jurisdictons.)

[ Webmaster's Note: This is a Macintosh-only product with a search engine that was created by the company's owner. Ron Ledbury is one of the hero's of the Macintosh community. Any Macintosh-using attorney in Oregon would be well advised to purchase this product. In fact, this product is an excellent reason to SWITCH to the Macintosh if you practice law in Oregon.]

The Trademark Checker on CD-ROM
250 Dodge Ave
East Haven, CT 06512-3358
Contact: John Randall
FAX: 203-466-5054
E-Mail: randall@micropat.com
World Wide Web: http://www.micropat.com
Price: $199, plus $15 shipping, or as a monthly subscription ($699/yr, plus $120 shipping [12 shipments])
(The Trademark Checker contains the complete U.S. federal trademark database on one CD-ROM disc: i.e., all trademarks back to 1884, including new applications and all registered marks, both live and dead. The CD is searchable on 17 fields including Word Mark, Pseudo Mark, Owner name and address, International Class, Serial number, Date Filed, Registration Number, Registration Date, Type of Mark, ITU, and Status. In addtion, there are 4 display-only fields (not searchable) including Goods & Services, Description of Mark, Translation of Mark and Mark Drawing Code. The CD is available as a single edition or as a monthly subscription [12 shipments a year].

Also available from MicroPatent:
The Trademark Checker on the Web
The Trademark Checker on the World Wide Web contains everything that is on the CD, plus it is updated weekly. It also contains 18 more fields than on the CD and will soon (by Nov 1) contain the complete, fully searchable text, including assignment history and TTAB actions. Users may access the site (http://www.micropat.com) using any current web browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. The service is available at one of 3 subscription rates: $5/day (24 hour access), $100/month, or $995/year. For occasional users the daily rate is recommended. There are no other charges: no transaction charges or downloading fees. There is a free demo database (about 10% of the records) available on MicroPatent`s Web site so that you can try out the software.)

Shepard's California Citations on CD-ROM
See Webmaster's Note, below!
P.O. Box 35300
Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3530
(800) 899-6000 Ext. 1-3029
(719) 488-3000
Sales: sales@shepards.com
Customer Service: customer_service@shepards.com
Technical Support: tech_support@shepards.com
World Wide Web: http://www.shepards.com/
(Citations to a case from the first reported decisions to the most recent slip opinions. Includes overrulings, reversals and all significant cites, including if the case has been questioned, limited, criticized, distinguished, followed, etc. Daily updates via Internet, BBS, phone or fax. Uses Folio search engine. FREE TRIAL available.

Webmaster's Note: Shepard's is no longer produced for the Mac. The Macintosh version got lost in the shuffle when Shepard's was acquired by a new company recently. However, they are very much open to the prospect of producing a Mac version again if there is enough interest. Contact Ken Kennard at kkennard@shepards.com and (politely) let him know of your interest.)

Course Handbook Series
Practicing Law Institute
810 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10019
(800) 260-4PLI
E-Mail: info@pli.edu
(Information, analyses and advice on the following areas of law, all on one disk, based on PLI's CLE programs:
Corporate Law & Practice
Commercial Law & Practice
Tax Law & Estate Planning
Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks & Literary Property
Litigation & Administrative Practice
Real Estate Law & Practice.)

Super EH&S Disc
37CFR Annotated
Counterpoint Publishing (A division of Thomson Legal Publishing.)
84 Sherman Street
P.O. Box 928
Cambridge, MA 02140
(800) 998-4515 (Call for free catalog and demo CD-ROM)
(617) 547-9064
E-Mail: info@counterpoint.com
World Wide Web: http://www.counterpoint.com
$1,950 (includes portable CD-ROM player)
(Folio search engine. Complete CFR for EPA, OSHA, and DOT. Annotated with casenotes, research references and history notes. Updated quarterly. Includes the Manual of Trademark Examining Procedures. and Manual of Patent Examining Procedures. U.S. Code, Federal Register also available. Comprehensive state regulations. 12 monthly updates.)

InfoSynthesis, Inc.
10301 University Ave., N.E., Ste. 105
Minneapolis MN 55434
(800) 784-7036
E-mail: postmaster@usscplus.com
World Wide Web: http://www.usscplus.com
Initial cost: $145
Optional cumulative update discs (semiannual): $95.
(Folio-based; fully Mac-compatible. Full text decisions of the United States Supreme Court. Currently contains 5,040 decisions, including complete coverage from 1967 and leading cases from 1793. Additional older and newer cases are added every six months. Cases are categorized according to over 1,000 subject matter categories, any one or more of which may be incorporated into a Folio search query. Other features include liberal hypertext linking, full Boolean search capabilities, annotating, tagging, and bookmarks. On its Web page, InfoSynthesis posts cases handed down by the Court during its current term for free downloading. In addition, the Company has placed all cases on the CD on a Folio Web Server, where, in the "USSC+ OnLine" portion of its Web page, they may be searched on-line with the same Boolean capabilities.)

Washington Statutes and Decisions on CD-ROM
CD Law, Inc.
1000 2nd Avenue, Suite 1610
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 623-1688
(206) 624-8458 fax
(206) 624-0624 BBS
E-Mail: support@cdlaw.com
World Wide Web: http://www.cdlaw.com:80/
WA Statutes: $895 with one year free updates, thereafter $360/year
WA Decisions: $1,295, updates $30/month
Both: $1495, updates $50/month
Other fee/payment options available.
(CD Law's Washington Statutes and Decisions on CD-ROM is the largest, most diverse collection of primary Washington State legal materials available anywhere. Twice-weekly updates are available via CD Law's Seattle BBS or the Internet. CD Law drafts the headnotes that are used in the official Washington Reports under a contractual arrangement with Lawyers Cooperative Publishing. CD Law's three-disc set uses a search engine called Personal Librarian. Personal Librarian includes standard Boolean, proximity, and date and field-restricted search capability, as well as providing a Table of Contents browser and case-to-statute cross-referencing via hypertext links. Personal Librarian also includes relevance ranking of search results, natural language searching, and excellent interoperability with all word processing software.)

Compass Data Systems
1174 East 2700 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
(801) 262-4141
The in-house Mac expert there is Shauna.
(Compass produces many legal CD's including "Florida Tax Law Library." They use the Folio info base as a search engine. Small company with excellent support.)

Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB)
University of California
2300 Shattuck
Berkeley, CA 94704-1576
(This company has just released a large number of practice guides and forms on CD-ROM. They use Folio as a search engine, but CEB has not put the Macintosh version of the Folio software onto the disks. If you are interested in one of their many titles though, you can use them by purchasing FolioViews for the Mac directly from Folio:
Folio Corporation
5072 North 300 West
Provo, UT 84604-5652
(800) 543 6546
(801) 229-6700
(801) 229-6650 Tech Support
FAX (801) 229-6787
Contact Person: Kathleen Burnham
Sales: sales@folio.com
Technical Support: techsup@folio.com
World Wide Web: http://www.folio.com/

State Tax OneDisc
Tax Analysts
6830 N. Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22213
FAX 703-533-4444
E-Mail: mgray@tax.org
World Wide Web: http://www.tax.org
(Tax statutes and regulations of all 50 states and the District of Columbia on a single CD-ROM. Includes the U.S. Tax Code and pertinent regulations as well as contact information for state tax officials. Uses Folio search engine. Updated monthly.)

Law Library on CD
LBC Information Services
50 Waterloo Rd
North Ryde, NSW 2113
Main Phone: +61 2-99366444
CD ROM caselaw collection. Includes criminal titles from The Laws of Australia, Australian Criminal Reports, Criminal Law of New South Wales and more.

Attorney's Briefcase
Attorney's Briefcase, Inc.
519-17th Street, 7th floor
Oakland, CA 94612
510-465-4348 FAX
Contact person: Marilyn Jacobs
Titles available and price:
California Evidence: Civil and Criminal $159
Children and the Law $189
California Law and Motion $129
price includes access to BriefCase OnCall, an online upkeep service.
(Legal research for your hard drive, NOT on CD-ROM. Ultra fast searches are possible.)



The Interactive Courtroom
Practicing Law Institute
695 Oak Grove
Menlo Park, CA 94025
phone: (800) 373-1829
or (415) 324-1827
fax: (415) 324-1991
Contact Person: David Arfin
e-mail: multimedia@pli.edu
World Wide Web: http://www.clegroup.com
(The Interactive Courtroom is the first interactive multimedia legal training program available on CD-ROM. This real-time simulation creates realistic courtroom situations and is loaded with features, including tactical advice of renowned experts, state codes and federal rules of evidence, and even "Teachers Notes".
Titles include:
Direct Examination: Evidence and Tactics, in which you represent the plaintiff in a civil trial. Object to opposing counsel's questioning with a click of the mouse, to which the judge will ask for a basis and give a ruling.
Cross-Examination: Evidence and Tactics
You Be the Judge
Client Interviewing
Taking Effective Depositions: Mechanics & Techinques
Defending Depositions: Mechanics and Techniques
Be Prepared for your Depositions.)

Objection!! and Civil Objection!!
TransMedia Inc.
2735 N. Holland-Sylvania, Suite B2
Toledo, OH 43615
(800) 832-4980 extension 1721
(419) 531-9764
$289 plus $10 shipping and handling for CLE version of Objection!!
$139 plus $10 shipping and handline for non-CLE version of Objection!!
(Objection!! [centered in a criminal trial] and Civil Objection!! [based in a civil trail, including examination of expert witnesses] are computer games to help lawyers learn to more accurately object to improper questioning in the courtroom approved for CLE credit. These games are fun, but dead serious in their ability to develop two crucial skills: first - the speed to react quickly to improper questions, and second - the power to instantly identify a basis for your objection.

Objection!! and Civil Objection!! each simulate a courtroom experience, allowing the player to take the role of a trial attorney. Each game drops the player into the action where he sorts through testimony and seeks out improper questions as they are asked. There's a unique Xplanation feature that illuminates rulings, citing State & Federal rule numbers and cases when appropriate. The game evaluates the player's performance, tracks the player's incorrect responses and identifies problem areas.

There are three different product levels for each game. The CLE product comes with the expanded trial manual Comprehensive Evidence (with sections on testimonial, real, demonstrative, and documentary evidence), three hours of audio taped lectures on trial strategies relating to evidence, and is certified for CLE credits in CA, FL, TX, AZ, WA, VT, WV, CO, NH, OR, CT, MT, ND, NM & MS. You can earn up to 21 CLE credits in the comfort of your office or home. The professional product comes with the smaller text, Rules of Evidence for Witness Testimony (dealing primarily with testimonial evidence) and is not certified for credit. Those who want the larger evidence text, but don't want the credit or tapes, can purchase those items at a special price.

Site licenses are available at $20 per additional station for firms wishing to load either game on more than one computer. Multiple certifications are available at $50 per additional certification for firms wishing to obtain credit for more than one attorney from a single copy of either CLE game.)

MicroMash BAR Review
6402 South Troy Circle
Englewood, CO 80111-6424
fax 303-799-1425
World Wide Web: http://www.micromash.com
E-Mail: info@micromash.com
$?; free demo disk available
(Multi-state bar exam review. Custom tailors a review plan for you that is constantly updated automatically. Includes definitions of key terms and black letter law. Includes limited guarantee.)

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