Contact: Steven R. Shiver
1010 Little John Ct.
Watkinsville, GA 30677
(706) 769-4734
FAX: (706) 769-4734
Suggested Retail Price: $1,999.00
(TrakMark's entry screen makes it easy to meet all of the demands your trademark business creates. TrakMark, based in FileMaker Pro, takes the stress out of tracking Accurate Database Systems trademarks. TrakMark was designed within a trademark office and has consequently been thoroughly tested. TrakMark tracks each trademark's action/activity and provides an alert system for trademark renewal and action/activity completeness. TrakMark also allows the user to easily track third party actions. The full compliment of reports which TrakMark provides will truly revolutionize your trademark tasks.)

TradeMarks Pro
1025 S. Main Street
Corona, CA 91719
(909) 736-1169
(909) 737-4691 FAX
Contact Person: Ryan Carter
World Wide Web:
(Prepares the new Trademark forms (new and revised TradeMarks) for filing with the Patent & Trademark Office. This easy to fill out, page-by-page WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) databasing forms program has on-screen forms that look exactly like those used with typewriters giving users a familiar interface. This stand-alone program (requires no other program to run it) has easy to understand 'click-on-buttons' performing all the program functions and a logical user interface which allows even a first time user to glide through the process in minutes. The program databases the forms (complete or partially done) allowing for archiving, re-editing, or re-printing at any time and it can store more than 5,000 completed filings.)

Also see: The Trademark Checker on CD-ROM under Caselaw and Practice Guides on CD-ROM


E. 2026 - 30th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99203-3964
(509) 535-4382
FAX: (509) 534-0975
World Wide Web:
Contact person: Roger Williams
Price based on modules purchased.
Bankruptcy Module: $275
(MacForms is the premier forms package provider for the Macintosh legal market. Call for extensive catalog of forms packages tailored for your practice. Most forms packages are linked to an intake sheet or worksheet so that all of the intake information is automatically transferred to the hot fields of the forms. No information has to be input twice. Cross-platform. Based in Filemaker Pro. BAJI jury instruction forms package greatly facilitates the selection and printing of appropriate jury instructions. Calif. Judicial Council forms are excellent and greatly ease workload of California attorneys. Custom forms available. Custom pleading paper and formal letterhead also available.)
Examples of Products From MacForms:
Federal Bankruptcy
HUD forms
Workplace Harassment
Federal Immigration & Naturalization forms
BAJI (civil) and CALJIC (criminal) California jury instruction forms
California Judicial Council Forms
California Unlawful Detainer Module
CA Real Estate forms
CA Abortion
CA Attachment forms
CA Enforcement of Judgment forms
CA Family Law
CA Worker's Compensation
Los Angeles County Juvenile module
AZ Family Law
PA Probate
Pleading Paper & Letterhead Templates for Microsoft Word (Professional-quality letterhead and pleading paper printed right with your documents! No more trying to get pre-printed pleading paper to line up with pleading when printing.)

NEW! MacForms has recently announced the availability of IRS Form 706 (United States Estate Tax Return) and IRS Form 709 (United States Gift Tax Return) for the Macintosh platform. Like the MacForms Federal Bankruptcy program, the user brings up the forms on-screen and fills in the various schedules. The math is accomplished and schedule balances forwarded to the tax summary pages. The actual bottom line tax is computed automatically with a minimum of fuss.

Dave Gomberg's JCF Systems
7 Gateview Court
SF CA 94116-1941
Phone: (800) JUDICIAL
fax: 415-731-7797
E-mail address:
World Wide Web:
Price: $150/year (2 issues) - price includes license for multiple users
(FormMaestro is an "incredible forms library" of Judicial Council, local (county), Worker's Comp, Bankruptcy, Federal Civil, IRS, FTB, INS, HUD, PTO, Copyright, UCC and others. This product is not per-se a Macintosh product. However, since all it is is a huge collection of forms in the a TIFF graphic format, it is possible to use Claris Works (which is prerequisite), in conjunction with the shareware program GraphicConverter to translate the forms into the PICT format, enabling you to open them, fill in the blanks, and print using Claris Works. Gomberg’s JCF Systems DOES NOT provide technical support for Macintosh users. However, if you e-mail the Webmaster of this site (CLICK HERE), making it clear that you want further instructions on how to accomplish this, you will be sent instructions on how to use this product with a Macintosh if you have the above mentioned software. This product may be worth the slight inconvenience to set it up to work on your Mac, as the price is dirt cheap for such an amazingly comprehensive collection of forms.)

ATX Forms
P.O. Box 1040
Washburn ME 04786
207-455-4603 or
Tech Support: (207) 455-4848
fax 207-455-0963
(These are templates and macros that run on Excel 4 or 5 for Mac (as well as Excel for Windows and Lotus). They have practically all federal forms and many state forms. They have various packages including estate tax and fiduciary for both federal and California. The forms work beautifully and they give wonderful technical support. They are very reasonably prices. The 706 estate package is $99 and has the entire return plus several other forms that someone handling an estate would use, for a total of about 45 forms and the macro sheet that runs the whole thing. Excel is required to use this product. The great part is that you can link your Excel worksheets directly to the forms to avoid retyping.)

MacFORMation2 / Legal Forms
Professional Computer Forms Company
1150 North 1st Street, Suite 180
San Jose, CA 95112
408-947-2107 tech support
408-947-2120 fax
$125 single user version; $399 multiple user version
$99 for each forms package
(Easiest to use of all forms programs. These are not templates - no other applications are needed to fill out and print these forms. Allows you to view and fill out the forms on-screen, just the way they appear on paper. Forms available:
U.S. Bankruptcy - all chapters
California Judicial Council
Real Estate Contracts
Customized forms for your law firm
Call for latest list of available forms.)

Contact: Michael J. Boyle
Palladium Building, Suite 300
139 Orange Street
New Haven, CT 06510
Tel (203) 865-8080
Fax (203) 865-8074
Suggested Retail Price: $495.00
(Immigration forms software for Macintosh computers based in FileMaker Pro. MacImmForm offers a convenient interview interface for data entry. When you select the application type (family, business, non-immigrant, etc.), the program generates a data entry screen tailored to the application and enters your data into the appropriate forms. The forms are full-sized, what you see, is what you get representations of INS, Labor Department and State Department forms, so your on-screen preview is accurate. Forms include EOIR-28, ETA 750, ETA 9035, G-28,G-325A, I-129 (including supplements), I-129F, I-130, I-131, I-134, I-140, I-256A, I-485, I-485a, I-539, I-601, I-751, I-765,I-824, IRS 9003, N-400, OF-169, and OF-230. The companion WinImmForm solution allows Macs and PCS to access a common data file.)

UCC Master System
Snowmass Software, Inc.
815 Moraga Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 471-3472
FAX: (310) 471-5109
Contact: Clifford J. Lawrence
Suggested Retail Price: $995
(The UCC Master System prepares, monitors, and follows up on UCC filings, including UCC-1&146;s, UCC searches, amendments, releases, continuations and terminations. The UCC MasterSystem, based on FileMaker Pro, automatically prepares all UCC Forms including actual UCC-1 financing statements for California and Texas. Prepares UCC filings for numerous jurisdictions in minutes. Inserts your own collateral descriptions. Automatically calendars and prepares continuation statements. Follows up to check for returned filings and confirming UCC searches. Can amend hundreds of UCC financing statements to reflect secured party address changes, debtor name and address changes and other changes in minutes. Supplies built-In legal intelligence with cautions, explanations and help screens regarding legal issues. Provides complete on-line, context-sensitive help.)

The Eviction Forms Creator for California
P.O. Box 1639
2207 Spyglass Lane
El Cerrito, CA 94530
World Wide Web:
(510) 236-5496
FAX: (510) 215-9385
Contact: Leigh H. Robinson
Suggested Retail Price: $59.95
(The Eviction Forms Creator for California creates the various forms required to evict tenants legally through California courts. This forms database is created in FileMaker Pro. Information need be entered only once, and then it&146;s used repeatedly to fill out all the forms. The forms begin with the legal notices designed to alert tenants to the owner's intent to evict, and they end with the Writ of Execution, which gives the sheriff or marshal the authority to turn the tenants out and return possession of the property to the rightful owner. Every form which is standardized throughout the state, including the Judicial Council forms, is included. The Eviction Forms Creator works equally well for landlords who handle their own evictions and for trained professionals who handle clients evictions.
PLEASE NOTE: Eviction Forms Creator has been updated to reflect the Judicial Council forms which were revised as of January 1, 1997. It includes twice as many forms as the previous version, and it has the added advantage of being fully editable directly on the forms themselves. The price remains the same.)

Pushbutton Landlording
P.O. Box 1639
2207 Spyglass Lane
El Cerrito, CA 94530
World Wide Web:
(510) 236-5496
FAX: (510) 215-9385
Contact: Leigh H. Robinson
Suggested Retail Price: $129.95
(Pushbutton Landlording is a stand-alone computer program designed to help you automate the "income side" of your rental property management operations. It handles all of the bookkeeping chores you normally do to keep track of your rental properties and your tenants. It also does a whole lot more.

It creates rental applications, rental agreements, leases, and condition-and-inventory checksheets, and it creates them directly from the information in your tenant database.

It writes statements so you can remind your tenants when their rent is due. It writes rent receipts and produces income reports. It generates a list of those tenants who are late in paying their rent, whether they're one day late, four days late, or one month late. It prepares either a rent reminder or a "notice to pay rent or quit," whichever you prefer, and it prepares them automatically. It reviews your rents to help you decide whether you ought to consider rent changes. It prepares rent change notices automatically. It does maintenance requests and work orders and keeps track of maintenance costs. It enables you to write notes to communicate with your tenants or include in their files. It even tells you when the insurance is about to come due or is past due on your property. What's more, it exports income data into Quicken, the popular checkwriting program, so you don't have to learn another method for writing checks, nor do you have to enter income data twice. Pushbutton Landlording maintains extensive information on every tenant, and it retains that information until you decide that you don't need it anymore.)

HUD-1 Plus
1025 S. Main Street
Corona, CA 91719
(909) 736-1169
(909) 737-4691 FAX
Contact Person: Ryan Carter
World Wide Web:
(This settlement program contains HUD1 pages 1 & 2, HUD1A, Buyer's Statement, Seller's Statement, Addendum to HUD, Acknowledgement of Receipt, 1099S, Initial Escrow Account Disclosure Statement, Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement (Projections), Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement (Account History), Management Reports detailing historical and projected closings. 1099S's are automatically produced for each closing (1099S-A and 1099S-B) and in year-end batches (1099S-C) for IRS reporting. Subtotals and Totals are automatically calculated and exported to the appropriate fields, eliminating repetitive data entry. The program databases completed forms allowing for archiving and re-editing, or re-printing at any time. A yearly subscription of $75 per year insures registered users of automatic and timely updates of any changes in forms required by regulation and yearly updates of the 1099 forms.)

The HUD-1 Professional
From: David Thorpe, Esq.
P.O. Box 141
Hollow Road
Glen Spey, NY 12737
(212) 674-8642
(800) 330-0428
Contact person: David Thorpe, Esq.
Price: $99.95
(The HUD-1 Professional is a HUD-1 form document for use with most common word processing applications [Macintosh Word and Macintosh Word Perfect]. You simply call the form up on your word processor, and what you will see in front of you is the type of HUD-1 form that you are used to completing by hand. You then move through the form and enter numbers and text where appropriate. When you are done, you execute the program's math feature, and all the math throughout the form is automatically completed!)

Bankruptcy Forms for Mac
1025 S. Main Street
Corona, CA 91719
(909) 736-1169
(909) 737-4691 FAX
Contact Person: Ryan Carter
World Wide Web:
Additional network module: $59 each
(Prepares Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 in an easy to fill out, page-by-page forms program in a real WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) format, from screen to printer output. Repetitive information, such as the debtors name and addresses & attorneys name and address are exported to all the "same" fields within the program and numeric calculations on all schedule sheets are automatically tabulated and totaled on the Summary of Schedules page. The program databases the forms (completed or partially done) allowing for archiving, re-editing, or re-printing at any time and can store more than 5,000 completed filings. Numerous 'click-on-buttons' perform routine functions, allowing even a first time user to glide through filings in minutes. Users can submit 5 'local/special' forms for inclusion into their program at no extra charge.)

Deed Forms
Connie Confer Business Services
1025 South Main Street
Corona, CA 91719
(909) 737-4215
(909) 737-3047 fax
$20 each, $50 entire set
(Forms for recording of real property.)

Family Court Forms
M Power, Inc.
Contact: Scot M. Loomis
1006 15th Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 734-3505
(808) 732-7706 fax

(This product was created in FileMaker Pro to automate the forms required by family court. It will save a law office from 5 to 15 hours per case. Currently, this product is useful only to family law practitioners in Hawaii; Version 2 is currently under development. Seven law offices currently use the product and others are interested in it. Most have liked the product so much that they converted their practice from DOS to Macintosh systems.)

(Previously known as QuickForms, the use of the trademark seems to be in dispute.)
1172 E. Del Mar Blvd. #139
Pasadena, CA 91106
(818) 795-5302 phone and Fax
Price: $5 each form; $25 starter pack; $75 any 20 forms; $1/form to customize them for your office.
(California Judicial Council Forms. Available only in Microsoft Word 6.x format. Will not work with Microsoft Word 5.x, even if you have the Word 6 translator. Uses the form features unique to Word 6.)

See also: Forms Creation

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