Mindwrap, Inc (formerly Blueridge Technologies, Inc.)
664H Zachary Taylor Highway
Flint Hill, VA 22627
Phone: 540-675-3015
Fax: 540-675-3130
Mindwrap helps companies create and rapidly deploy secure, reliable document management and workflow systems. Optix installations may include Document Management, Imaging, Workflow, COLD/ERM, Text Search, Forms Processing, Fax Processing, Database Publishing, and integration with legacy systems. Optix is agressively cross-platform and has supported the Macintosh since 1988, now with up-to-date support for Mac OS X. An Optix server runs on Unix, Linux, and Windows servers running Oracle, Informix, Sybase, and SQL Server databases, with scanning, database entry, search and retrieval, and all other user functions available via their native Macintosh and Windows clients. You can also access your documents remotely using a standard Web browser.

Virginia Systems, Inc.
Contact Person: Philip Van Cleave
5509 West Bay Court
Midlothian, VA 23112-2506
Telephone: (804) 739-3200
Fax: (804) 739-8376
World Wide Web:
$295 Sonar
$495 Sonar Image Discovery Edition
$795 Sonar Image Personal Edition
$795 Sonar Professional
$1,295 Sonar Image
The premier text archiving and retrieval system for the Macintosh.

Summary of Sonar products:
Sonar: Basic searching, including Boolean, proximity, but no imaging
Sonar Image Discovery Edition: Basic searching, with scanning but slower scanning due to OCR delays
Sonar Image Personal Edition: Basic searching, with slower scanning but multi-user capable
Sonar Professional: Advanced searching, report generation, hypertext linking, no scanning
Sonar Image: Advanced searching, faster scanning

You may well ask, if Sherlock (included with the latest versions of the Macintosh operating system) can index files and do fast searches, what more can Sonar offer? The answer(s) are:

1. Sonar Professional and Sonar Image can do phonetic and synonym searches and you can also define your own synonyms, which Virginia Systems calls "concepts."

2. Sonar can do full Boolean searches (and, or, not), proximity searching (e.g. "John Smith within 25 words of Jane Doe"), and Quorum searching (e.g. "find all documents that contain at least 3 of the following: planes, trains, automobiles, spaceships, hot air balloons, horse and buggies"). You pick and choose any combination of folders to search and searching can be done over a network.

3. For many file formats, such as Word and WordPerfect, Sonar knows exact page numbers - critical for things like depositions. It can also maintain formatting such as bold, underline, and italics.

4. Upon completing a search, Sonar opens the first found document, ranked either by relevancy, name or date and displays the page where the search phrase appears and highlights the search phrase.

5. Sonar Pro and Image can generate reports containing all information on a given subject, including page numbers, document names, context (as much as you want), notes, etc.

6. Sonar Pro and Image allows sticky notes to be attached to pages and those note to be searched.

7. There is a database record associated with every document to allow fielded information to be entered and searched.

8. Sonar Pro and Image have an "associated word" search which brings up a list of words associated with any search phrase. Searching a historical archive for "John Kennedy" would bring up associated words like: President, assassinated, Cuba, etc.

9. Search phrases can be viewed in a list - one line of context for every hit. Click on the hit that you want and voila you are put in the document, on the correct page and with the hit highlighted.

10. More Sonar Pro and Image features: Drill down (search narrowing), hypertext linking, save/restore context (marks you place, lets you search for something else, then return to your original place), relational searching (allows you to automatically find connections between people, places and things).

UltraFind Text Indexer Plug-in Module
UltraDesign Technology Ltd.
The Phoenix
Taggs Island
Hampton Court
TW12 2HA
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44-181-941-9555
Fax: +44-181-941-9666
World Wide Web:
(UltraFind can be purchased and downloaded from their Web site. Free demo also available there.)
A Single-User License costs: $39.95

(Because of its speed (when used with the Text Indexer Plug-in), its low cost, and ease of use, UltraFind is fast becoming the file management tool of choice among attorneys.

Powerful and full-featured, UltraFind treats your Mac or network as an information-rich file and text searchable database.

Its extremely fast text search shows words in context (in their original sentence), can search in both live or preindexed modes, and even includes a built-in Thesaurus, allowing you to find documents related to a particular topic you are looking for, on your hard disks, in text indexes, and on the World Wide Web and in Newsgroups.

UltraFind claims to be the fastest and most flexible text search and file management program available for the Macintosh, and was awarded 5 Mice by MacUser in 1996.

Main Features:

Fast Direct Disk Text Search
Ultra-fast Indexed Text Search
Document scoring system, giving highest scores to best matches
Built-in user-maintained Thesaurus cross-references search keywords
Built-in Data Reader reads documents found without opening them
Internet World Wide Web and Usenet Search Highly flexible File Name search options
Routines menu for quick selection of frequently used search routines
Pop-up menus for selecting applications, most file types and documents
Multiple list windows showing files by Finder, Hierarchy, Text Contents and Pathname
Text Listing view, with HyperText links to a Drag&Drop Data Reader
Multiple search results appended to one list
Export of search results list as a Tab-separated text file
Batch filing across disks and network
Multiple Confine feature (including saved folder sets)
Word Proximity (limits the distance between words to be found)
Drag & Drop text (text can be dragged/dropped into other applications)
Unique Info-Cursor giving full file info on files found

UltraFind Text Indexer is a modern indexing engine for Mac & PowerPC that pre-indexes your documents making text searches not just fast - but instant.

Unlike normal indexers, it can search on parts of words as well as whole words.)

591-A Constitution Ave.
Camarillo, CA 93012
800-484-9817 ext. 6249
805-484-9428 fax
World Wide Web:
(With MarcoPolo, a scanner, and your Macintosh, you have all you need to store and retrieve documents in the blink of an eye. MarcoPolo has built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and allows content-based retrieval. And you don't need to learn a new query language to find documents later! Simply type in plain English to find what you need. Sharing documents is possible through MarcoPolo's built-in networking technology -- complete with password security and access limits. MarcoPolo handles documents created by any Macintosh application that can print, any QuickTime movie, even a voice note recorded directly from your Mac microphone. Tens of thousands of documents can be searched in a matter of seconds, then they can be read, printed, or exported in industry standard PICT, TIFF, or text formats. For workgroups using MarcoPolo, a low-cost client is also available. Easily add keywords for classification and retrieval. Intelligent OCR: leaves graphics intact. Once documents are entered into MarcoPolo, they are organized automatically -- by subject, content, originator, date, or keyword. Fast Search and Retrieval: MarcoPolo searches thousands of pages in just seconds. MiniPages allow you to have large numbers of documents open on your desktop at one time.)

Optimus Solutions Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 1135 Manly, NSW, 2095
Contact Person: Dave Masters, Managing Director
Phone: +61 2 9948 0166
Fax: +61 2 9948 0177
World Wide Web:
Runs cross-platform.
(MediaManager is an easy to use electronic document management system with in-built web-interface. It stores, indexes and retrieves any file type including text, graphic,database and movie files.Registration of documents is simple and comprehensive searching facilities are used for their retrieval. New documents are easily and quickly created from Templates, Precedents or other documents. MediaManager's power and simplicity provides productivity benefits to any firm. Clients include most of the Macintosh based law firms in Australia - ranging from 20 users to 1500 users with 5 distributed databases nationally. In October 97, Optimus will be releasing the new Java version which provides full cross platform support.)

Micro Dynamics Ltd.
8555 Sixteenth Street
Suite 701
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
World Wide Web :
(Provides excellent document management. MARS is installed in 26% of the Fortune Five Hundred companies in the United States today and Motorola use it in their own organisation to track paper documents.)

Docs Open
PC Docs Inc.
124 Marriott Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(904) 942-3627
(904) 656-5559 (fax)
World Wide Web :
$794 for server, $349 for each client
(Cross platform. Allows all users on network to share, manage and control documents. Extensive search capabilities and ability to translate document formats.)

Attachmate Corp.
3617 131st Avenue, S.E.
Bellevue, WA 98006
(206) 644-4010
206-747-9924 fax
(Client-server groupware and Internet server application. Allows real time conferencing with recording capability. Document version control and communications.)

Enterprise Document Management
EveryWhere Software
7145 West Credit Avenue, bldg. 1, Unit 2
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada, L5N6J7
905-819-1172 fax

Apple Computer, Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
(Management of documents via full-text searching.)

Industrial Strength Text Search Engines:

NetAnswer (
MediaSphere/W3 (
(NetAnswer and MediaSphere both create indexes of all of your stored documents and their contents. You can set them up so that they do "loads" every night to update the index, or with MediaSphere, it will update the index in realtime. Both of them have a web browser based front end, so you can use your favorite browser to do searches. These products are uniquely designed to handle a huge number of documents and to do searches through these documents at lightning fast speeds. These products are just the thing if you have a high-dollar value case in which you must do discovery through tens of thousands of documents. A high speed scanner with a sheet-feeder, a fast Mac, a good OCR program, and a large hard drive, and you are in business. Unfortunately these programs are somewhat expensive.)


(Webmaster's NOTE: Many sole practitioners report that the software that comes with the inexpensive PaperPort scanner, FormTyper, wonderfully handles all of their document imaging needs. I am told that it does most of what WorkingPapers (listing below) does, and export is much easier. Early versions of the document imaging software that came with the PaperPort had its drawbacks, but I am told that most of those drawbacks are now a thing of the past. If your document imaging needs are not great, the PaperPort is worth investigating. See: FormTyper, from Visioneer, under Forms Creation.)

WorkingPapers Pro
Dominion Software
Contact: Rick Frank
825 Beacon Street
Newton, MA 02159
World Wide Web:
Phone: 800-762-7633 (for orders only)
Price: $99. WorkingPapers is also available in an LE version (limited edition) for $49.00.
WorkingPapers Pro allows you to easily scan, archive, and then retrieve your paper documents, using your scanner. Does full text searching (it is even smart enough to find things if you misspell the search terms!), allows you to view docs as thumbnails, supports digital signatures for security.
WorkingPapers Pro includes a fully integrated version of the highly acclaimed OCR engine from ExperVision, Inc. The ExperVision OCR is very accurate, and the results of the OCR can be used for search and retrieval, or can be directly saved in Microsoft Word Format.
With the fully integrated OCR you get speed and flexibility that you just can't get when you use a separate application linked by AppleScript.

Maxsoft-Ocron, Inc.
4110 Clipper Ct.
Fremont, CA 94538
510-252-0202 fax
(OCR, scanning, e-mail, faxing, archiving)

Second Glance Software
7248 Sunset Avenue N.E.
Bremerton, WA 98311
(360) 692-3694
(360) 692-9241
(800) 682-3041 FAX
(800) 682-3110 24 hour fax info
World Wide Web:
(e-Paper is a complete document management and archive suite. When combined with your scanner, e-Paper's elegant interface effortlessly allows you to bring all your 'bits of paper' into your Macintosh. Mark-up, Annotate, Copy, Fax or E-Mail. Highlight your document using Brackets, Sticky Notes, Rubber Stamps and Bookmark tools. Turn your copy into editable text using Xerox's award winning TextBridge OCR engine. If you've got a form to fill out, don't haul out that old typewriter, use the intelligent text tool that automatically formats your text to match the underlying document. When you're finished, link to any program for further processing or file it away with a single click. Find archived documents quickly and easily by Name, Keyword or Contents, even on removable disks such as Syquest, optical cartridge or recordable CD-ROMs.)

Sonar Image
See "Sonar" under the Document Management heading
(Document imaging system.)

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