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Macintosh Time & Billing Software

By Randy B. Singer

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Many business people (most notably attorneys) have to meticulously keep track of their time to be paid.  Time and billing software isn't just a timer program, and it isn't just a time clock or a reporting/billing program.  A business time and billing program must capture all of a worker's time efficiently and as easily as possible, and then the program has to allow you to either create a report for the business, or print out an invoice ready for the client.

(NOTE: Any discrepancies between the prices listed here, and the pricing on the developer's Web site, or the Apple Store, are irrelevant.  The price you should expect to pay for a product is the one that the developer asks you to pay, not the one listed here.)

1) Law Office-Specific Time and Billing Software

Brief Accounting
(Integrated time, billing and comprehensive accounting.
Cross platform and networkable.)

EasyTime Law Edition

TimeNet Law  (flat fee or subscription)
{Integrated time and billing, scheduling and calendar.  Document management.  Optional Accounting.)

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2) Computer Resident Time And Billing Software

Activity And Expense Tracker/Plus
("Plus" version includes scheduling and contact management.)

Billings Pro
(Especially popular with attorneys because it integrates nicely with Daylite, an office management program from the same company.)
(Data export to Quickbooks.  Multi-user, networkable. Pro version comes with several templates designed for attorneys specifically.)

Clients & Profits
(A complete job tracking, time tracking,
billing, and accounting system for small businesses.)

DesignSoft Creative Billing (Subscription.  Stopwatch and timesheet flat fee.)
(Stopwatch, timesheet, and time and billing modules.)

Fanurio (Flat fee with subscription maintenance plan.)

Harvest (free/subscription)
HourGuard Timesheet Recorder plus Express Invoice

OnTheJob (flat fee)
(Inexpensive time and billing app.)

Small Business Tracker Plus
Includes accounting and inventory management   

Time4Pay (Inexpensive flat fee.)

TimeLogger Plus (free/low cost flat fee)
(There are versions for Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch.)

(Created to be a direct replacement for TimeSlips. Very comprehensive.  Cross platform and networkable.)

Toggl Track  (free/subscription, computer resident/cloud-based synchronization)
(Includes payroll and budgeting.)

TrackingTime  (subscription)


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3) Active Timing Software

This is a class of time and billing programs that, once launched, automatically
track the time one spends using particular applications and documents, and can attribute that time to specific clients/matters.  Available as both cloud-based and computer resident software.

Bill4D  (subscription)

Chrometa  (subscription)

Daily Time Tracking  (subscription)

Klokki/Slim ($30/$3)

OfficeTime (flat fee or subscription.  Computer resident or cloud-based.)
Free version for iPads and iPhones:

RescueTime Lite/Premium (free/subscription)

Time Sink  (only $5)

TimeDoctor (subscription)

Timing (subscription)
Video Tutorial:

TimeKeeper (free, no longer actively developed; computer resident software)

Timely (subscription)

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4) Cloud-Based Time Tracking Services

(All products sold on subscription basis.)

(Law office specific.  Includes document management.)

Creative Billing Online

(Available as both a general business and a Law office-specific program.)

(Includes accounting and project management.)


Sage Timeslips online

(Law office specific.)

(Integrates with your smart phone.)

(Law office-specific program.  Automatically integrates with other software.)

5) Accounting Programs

Comprehensive listing here:

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The List Of Law Office Software For The Macintosh Computer

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