LEXIS-NEXIS is the world's largest premium information service providing legal, news, and financial information to virtually every Fortune 500 company and major law firm in the United States.
National Sales office: (800) 227-4908,
or (800) 732-5305
or (800) 356-6548
There is specific Lexis client software for the Macintosh. You can download this client software from Lexis' website:
Or you can download it via FTP at:

Pricing is highly customized for different customer groups based on their varying needs. The LEXIS®-NEXIS® services offer a wide variety of sources to choose from out of its thousands of databases. However, pricing for the LEXIS-NEXIS services falls into three basic categories: flat rate, hourly and transactional. Trial offers are available to new subscribers.

The LEXIS® ADVANTAGE (formerly MVP) program for sole practitioners and small law firms is a flat-rate subscription program beginning at $150 a month for state legal materials and unlimited printing for one attorney.

Hourly pricing is also based on which databases the customers will be accessing. There are volume discounts based on the number of hours online.

Transactional pricing involves a subscription fee of $125 for a monthly "Commercial" subscription (for concentrated use of legal materials) or $50 a month for an "Enhanced NEXIS" subscription. Both subscriptions also include per search charges. Again, search charges differ depending on which files customers access. There are volume discounts based on the number of searches. Law firm transactional subscribers only use a simplified transactional plan that include a flat $2 per document for most printing and no time and connect charges. File prices are adjusted accordingly.

Lexis-Nexis now has a special World Wide Web based service that is only $65.00/mo. for your state's law plus anything you have a cite for including all US case law, ALRs, AmJur and more!

West Publishing Corp.
620 Opperman Drive
P.O. Box 64833
St. Paul, MN 55164-9752
Westlaw also has an excellent front end for the Macintosh.
Westlaw's website is located at:
West's Sales Department:
(612) 687-7750
(800) 514-4111
FAX: (612) 687-5420

Westlaw has come out with "Westlaw Pro", a fixed-fee service said to be very competitive with Lexis' MVP.

You can now access Westlaw with your Macintosh using just your browser, over the Internet. See the following press release for Westlaw on the Web:

QL Systems Limited (QUICKLAW)
Contact Person: John Lawford
Suite 901 - 275 Sparks Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone: 1-800-387-0899
Fax: 613-238-7597
E-mail address:
Web address:
Price: FREE (download a copy from their website: (scroll down to find Mac versions)
Is the product designed to work on a network? Yes
Does the product work cross-platform (both Mac and PC)? Yes
(QUICKLINK PRO, the newest version of QUICKLAW's communications software, adds high quality to printing of cases, statutes, citator records and other documents found within QUICKLAW (online database service of Canadian and Commonwealth law).

QUICKLINK PRO enhances the use of QUICKLAW by giving you:

* professional easy-to-read prints with page number, paragraph numbering and automatic date stamping to enhance the use of thousands of cases reported only by QUICKLAW
* the ability to save or print documents in HTML or screen format
* an improved graphical interface with jump markers to provide hypertext links between full texts, citator records and summaries with a single click of the mouse.
* direct dial-up access via QUICKLAW's QUICKNET network or via the Internet.
* a comprehensive help system to assist you with searching QUICKLAW.

Sinch Software
GPO Box 183
Sydney, NSW 2001
Main Phone: +61 2-92386163
World Wide Web:
Electronic guide to Australian secondary sources of legal information with around 440 subject headings and more than 8,000 entries. Many entries contain a summary of contents of each book from major publishers such as Law Book Co and the College of Law. The system integrates with BookShow to ensure that cataloging requires hardly any typing. Single- or multi-user.


People looking for publications that give them more information about automating their law office might be interested in the premier magazine on the subject: Law Office Computing. Law Office Computing is a very high quality, informative publication. Their Macintosh content is quite good. I highly encourage Macintosh-using attorneys to send them articles chronicaling your experience using the Macintosh in your law practice.

Law Office Computing
James Publishing
3520 Cadillac Avenue, Suite E
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 755-5420
(714) 751-2709 fax

I am often asked if there is a good book on the topic of automating a legal practice, especially one that covers the Macintosh. The only one that I know of is somewhat out of date, but it is still useful:

Using Computers In the Law (Law Office Without Walls)
by Mason and Harris
published by West Publishing Corp.
620 Opperman Drive
P.O. Box 64833
St. Paul, MN 55164-9752
ISBN 0-314-02396-8
published in 1994


This site cannot comprehensively cover the topic of Real Estate Software for the Macintosh, there are just too many solutions to cover here. Below are some of the resources and solutions that I have heard about. Please refer to them for more comprehensive advice.

Z-Law Software, Inc
World Wide Web:
("The Complete Real Estate Software Catalog."

After reading through it, that statement would be correct. For those of you practicing real estate law, managing real estate, lenders, loan agents, builders, etc., this catalog and the products that it has to offer may serve you well. It has everything. I am glad to say that almost all of the products listed can be run on Macintosh.

If you were doubting that specialized software (e.g. Mac real estate closing software) for the Mac was being written, get this catalog.)

113 McCabe Cresent
Thornhill, Ontario LAJ 2S6
(Deed plotter program. Two versions are available: simple for Lawyers; Professional for surveyors. Inexpensive and easy to use)

Good Deed
Vernon & Valera Hollimon
P.O. Box 189
Glenwood, NM 88039
phone: 505-539-2721
Price: $149.
(A closure program that draws a plat of the survey.)

Macs 4 Real Estate
C/O Robb Russell
6205 SeaBreeze Drive
Port Richey,Fl 34668
World Wide Web:
(Macs 4 Real Estate provides a database of about 140 real estate solutions for the Macintosh.)

Bradford and Robbins
1602 The Alameda #104
San Jose, CA 95126
Contact Person: Jeff Bradford
Phone: 800-622-8727
or 408-297-9712
fax: 408-297-9715
World Wide Web:
(Real estate appraisal software. Lawyers can use the software for valuation of properties.)

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