De Novo Systems, Inc.
3910 NE 42nd Street
Vancover, WA 98661-3117
Contact Person: Fred Brock
(800) 755-9744 toll-free throughout North America.
World Wide Web:
E-mail to
Price: $395 for an upgradable single-user system; $589 for a 3-station networked version
Is the product designed to work on a network? Yes/No
Does the product work cross-platform (both Mac and PC)? Yes
TRIAL De Novo is an easy-to-use and economical multi-user litigation case management package. It uses Microsoft's FoxPro database engine. This is a Client-centered system, proceding from client to matter to more specialized data screens. Client and Matters screens simplify and standardize initial intake processing. Special screens store information related to every aspect of the case, including Other Parties, Insurance, Facts of Case, Witnesses, Employment, Medical Expenses, Case Expenses, Documents, and Settlement. Automatic calendaring, conflict-checking and automated merges to a bundled letter processor or to third-party word processing software simplify and accelerate your litigation practice.

Recently added features include new management reporting features; new "BRIEF Me" button instantly generates a report which shows at a glance all changes entered in TRIAL De Novo over a specified date range, with the option of seeing just changes made for a particular client or matter, or just those entered by a particular person. New "Adjusters and their Cases" screen, to instantly view all the cases involving a particular adjuster. (When you've got an adjuster on the phone, you want to cover all the bases.) Added an "Attorneys and their Cases" screen, for similar reasons." Date Calculator allows you to instantly determine what day of the week is i.e. 180 days from last Thursday.
Additional new features include a redesigned Main Menu screen making access to frequently used features much quicker, and self-repairing technology to automatically recover from possible file damage due to power glitches, unanticipated shut-downs or system crashes.

TrialMaker Software
5 Keniston Road
Lynnfield, MA 01940
(617) 334-3367
(617) 334-3397 fax
Contact Person: John S. Legasey
World Wide Web:
$295 to $330 for a single user, $50 for each additional license.
(A litigation support database program designed to prepare trials in a comphrensive fashion based in Filemaker Pro. Cross platform. Includes ability to incorporate scanned images, create mailing labels, keep track of physical evidence, create trial notebook and To Do list, organizes research and deposition testimony, etc. It prints wonderful outlines of evidence and things you need like witness lists, and exhibit lists. It also comes with a docket control template and a client database.)

Ready For Trial
Robins Analytics
245 East 6th Street, Ste. 821
St. Paul, MN 55101-1988
(612) 224-1289
(800) 767-3239
(612) 224-2633 fax
Contact Person: Stan or Jenifer Robins
(An essential tool for every Macintosh-using attorney who is a litigator. Ready For Trial! transcript management software allows users to instantly analyze, organize and annotate testimony and exhibits for more effective and efficient trial preparation. Sixteen report formats provide total control of testimony in the case - to better prepare the user for discovery and trial. Full text search enables the user to find any text in the testimony in proximity to any other text in the case. Testimony can be retrieved by issue, by exhibit, or by date of facts across any combination of witnesses. The program uses standard ASCII transcript files from a court reporter - no proprietary format is necessary.)

Decision Analysis by TreeAge (DATA)
TreeAge Software, Inc.
1075 Main Street
Williamstown, MA 01267
Phone: 1-413-458-0104
fax: 1-413-458-0105
E-mail address:
World Wide Web address:
Product price: $450 per license, discounts on orders of 5 or more.
Is the product designed to work on a network? Yes
Does the product work cross-platform (both Mac and PC)? Yes
(DATA is a user-friendly, powerful tool for analyzing the risks of litigation. Litigators use DATA to model the issues and uncertainties in litigation, conduct rigorous pretrial evaluation of likely settlement values, and set pre-trial budgets. DATA's intuitive interface allows users familiar with decision analysis to build sophisticated models and make clear presentations to colleagues and clients. Simplified interfaces can quickly be designed for client use, also. Try DATA risk-free and see why it is an indispensable tool for litigators in products liability, toxic waste, insurance coverage, breach of contract, patent infringement, securities fraud, and other lawsuits. TreeAge Software can also help you obtain training and support in litigation risk analysis.)

GreenLight Software
79 West Monroe, #1320
Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 782-6496
(312) 782-6494 fax
(Based in Helix Express. Fully relational. Manages evidence, witnesses, cites, files, and expenses. Integrated docketing.)

Personal Injury Management System (P.M.S.)
Edward W. Hedrick
5101 Addison Drive
Charlotte, NC 28211
Contact Person: Ed Hedrick
(Based in Filemaker Pro. Covers all phases in managing a personal injury case, including interviews and letters. Keeps track of medical treatment, negotiations, etc. Surprisingly inexpensive for its capabilities and competence.)

Personal Injury Expert
Web site:
(A brand new litigation management application for the Macintosh, based in Filemaker Pro.This program has been in development for years and is very impressive. All the judicial council forms from MacForms are integrated into this program.)

(Also see MacLawyer 2d, under LAW OFFICE MANAGEMENT.)

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