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It would be very convenient if all state and federal codes, statutes, and caselaw were available on the World Wide Web. This would give lay people easy access to the laws that they must follow and it would allow attorneys to do legal research without having to leave their office to go to a law library, or pay for expensive collections of casebooks.

Unfortunately, economic realities dictate that we may never see all of the substantive law of all the states on the Web. Several states receive quite a bit of income by selling the exclusive rights to publish that state's caselaw. In addition, it is quite expensive to publish and maintain a web site, and money for such a project is not available in all states. Caselaw on the Web ideally would include decisions from at least the last 30 years, a sophistocated search engine for locating relevant law, case summaries, headnotes, etc. Providing all of these on a Web site would be very expensive.

Given the above, it is impressive how much substantive law is already available on the Web. Every state now has a Web site with some substantive law posted. Unfortunately the quality, accessibility, and completeness vary considerably from state to state. Rarely will you see more than the last few years of a state’s supreme court opinions on the Web. Often the opinions that you find will only be summaries. You will almost never see headnotes included. And though many sites allow you to search for a case by name, they often don’t provide an index so that you can determine which cases are available.

Below are links to the substantive law resources that I know of. The author of this Web site would very much appreciate information as to other such resources that are not included here. I rely heavily on the assistance of visitors to this site to help me keep this site as comprehensive as possible. I would also appreciate knowing if a link on this site has gone dead or has changed. My e-mail link can be found at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

Plagiarists, please note, this site is copyrighted (lists and complilations are copyrightable under Title 17, USC, Chapter 1, Section 103(a)) The author of this site will prosecute any plagiarism to the fullest extent of the law.


State Law
Additional Sources for State Law
Municipal Codes
Federal Law
U.S. Court of Appeals
Law by Topic
Family Law
Federal Criminal Law
Intellectual Property
Canadian Law
International Law

Alabama Supreme Court and Courts of Civil and Criminal Appeals
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Alabama Divorce Law
Alaska Supreme Court since 1991
Alaska Supreme Court (recent)
Alaska Court of Appeals, since1991
Alaska Court of Appeals (recent slip)
Alaska Court of Appeals (recent memoranda)
Arizona Court of Appeals, Division Two, last 30 days
Arizona Real Estate Law (once there, choose "resources")
California Supreme Court decisions in MS Word & PDF format
California Supersite!
California opinions (subscription only)
California opinions (Findlaw)
California codes
Calif. Code Gopher
California statutes
California (Fully searchable case law and code database from 1934 to present. Also, daily opinion service and a searchable database for Supreme Court cases. Free trial. Subscription.)
Cal Penal Code - FTP
Calif. Three Strikes
Calif. Expunging Police and Court Records
Colorado Supreme Court
Colorado Court of Appleals
Colorado Statutes (Subscription)
Colorado Statutes (no registration required)
Colorado Statutes with Annotations (Gopher)
Connecticut Statues
Connecticut Statues (FindLaw)
Delaware "coming soon"
Florida Alternate Site
Florida Statutes and Constitution
Florida World Wide Web Legal Research Collection
Georgia Unannotated Code
Official Code of Georgia
Idaho Code and current legislation
Idaho Supreme Court, last 60 days
Idaho Court of Appeals, last 60 days
Illinois Supreme Court and Appellate Court
Illinois Recent State Court Opinions
Illinois Supreme Court Opinions - coming soon
Indiana Constitution and Statutes
Iowa Code (searchable by keyword or section)
Iowa Supreme Court
Iowa Supreme Court "coming soon"
Iowa Court of Appeals
Iowa Ag opinions
Iowa Civil Rights Statute and Rules
Iowa Ethics Opinions
Kansas Statutes (Subscription only)
Kentucky Revised Statutes; requires Adobe Reader to read the files, available free through a link on the site.
Kentucky Revised Statutes2
Kentucky Law and Constitution
Louisiana Supreme Court
Maine Supreme Judicial Court - Follow the directions to "Law Court Opinions."
Maine Supreme Court
Maine 1996 opinions
Maryland Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals opinions since 1992
Massachusetts Supreme Court and Appeals Court - Recent
Massachusetts Supreme Court since 1937 and Appeals Court since 1972 (membership required)
Michigan Statutes and Legislation
Michigan Quick Index to State Laws
Michigan Supreme Court
Michigan Court Decisions by Law Journal Extra
Michigan Court of Appeals Decisions
Minnesota Supreme Court
Minnesota Court of Appeals
Minnesota Court of Appeals Opinions from Finance and Commerce Appellate Courts Edition
Minnesota Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Tax Court, Office of Administrative Hearings, Workers' Compensation Court, and Attorney General
Minnesota Statutory Law
Minnesota State Law Library
Mississippi Code
Mississippi 2
Mississippi Supreme Court (Frames)
Mississippi Supreme Court (No Frames)
Montana Supreme Court Opinions
Montana Supreme Court (recent)
Montana Code
Nebraska statutes
Nebraska Supreme Court and Ct of Appeals
Nevada Revised Statutes and Nevada Administrative Code
New Hampshire
New Hampshire Supreme Court
New Jersey (Rutgers)
New Jersey (NJLawNet)
New Mexico Codes (password req., but free)
New Mexico
New Mexico statutes (Registration is required, but there is no fee.)
New York statutes
New York statutes (gopher)
New York
New York Ct. of Appeals
New York Court of Appeals synopses of decisions sent by e-mail.
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North Carolina Court of Appeals
North Carolina Court of Appeals (recent)
North Carolina Supreme Court
North Carolina Supreme Court (recent)
North Carolina Keyword Searching for Supreme Court Opinions (Gopher)
North Carolina Keyword Searching for Supreme Court Advance Sheets (Gopher)
North Carolina Supreme Court Opinions by Date (Gopher)
North Dakota
Ohio Supreme Court
Ohio FTP Site
Ohio's Revised Code
Oklahoma's Constitution, Statutes, Decisions and other resouces (Searchable)
Oklahoma Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Court of Criminal Appeals
Oklahoma Supreme Court
Oklahoma Opinions
Oklahoma Selected Opinions
Oklahoma Sup., Crm App. and Appeals
Oklahoma Bar Association Recent Ct Opinions
Oklahoma Criminal Appeals
Oklahoma statutes and constitution
Oregon slip opinions
Oregon Supreme Court opinions (recent) Summaries of Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions are available via e-mail by registering at this site.
Pennsylvania Statutes
Pennsylvania 1
Pennsylvania 2
Pennsylvania 3
Pennsylvania Supreme Court opinions, since November 1996
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Tennessee rules of criminal procedure
Tennessee rules of evidence
Tennessee criminal law
Texas Statutes and Codes
Texas constitution and statutes
Texas legal research sites
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
Utah Statutes
Virginia statutes
Code of Virginia and the Virginia Administrative Code
Washington Recent Opinions
Washington Codes
West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals2
West Virginia by subscription only
Wisconsin Supreme Court Opinions
Wisconsin Court of Appeals Decisions
Wisconsin Statutes

Verdicts and Settlements Database


U.S. State and Territorial Laws
(Contains state laws and materials that may not appear on each state's Web site above.)

Laws of All Jurisdictions (States) (Arranged by Subject)
LOIS (subscription)
Lawyers Legal Research (subscripton)
WestDoc (subscription)
Advantage for the Web - Lexis (subscription)


Municipal Codes for many cities in the U.S.
Municipal Code Corporation


U.S. Court of Appeals

Federal District Court decisions (Subscription: $49 for software and $75/hour for searching)
U.S. Federal laws (arranged by agency)
U.S. Federal laws (arranged by original published source)
Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research (searchable legal indexes including Federal Judicial Opinions, Legislation, and Federal Regulations)
Federal Rules of Evidence
Uniform Rules of Evidence
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Rules of Professional Conduct Regarding Lawyers
Code of Federal Regulations
Administrative Procedures Act (Federal)


Advertising Law
Banking Law
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
Text of the U.S. Constitution
Cyberspace Law-The Law and the Web
Cyberspace Law Center
Elder Law
Entertainment Media Law
Environmental Law
FCC Recent Court Opinions
Federal Securities Act of 1933 - 33 U.S.C.
Federal Securities Exchange Act of 1934 - 34 U.S.C.
Immigration Law
Immigration Resources
Indigenous Peoples Law and Legal Issues
Lemon Law USA
Personal Injury Law
SEC Rules



Family Law

Federal Criminal Law

Intellectual Property





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