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who use the Macintosh computer in their legal practice.


Updated May 12, 1998

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E-mail Discussion Groups for Macintosh-Using Attorneys

Resources On The World Wide Web Concerning The Macintosh and The Law

Macintosh Evangelism

World Wide Web Sites of Interest to Macintosh Users and Potential Macintosh Users

Other Legal Resources On The World Wide Web (Non-Macintosh Specific)

For more information about the health of Apple and the Macintosh, I highly recommend that you join the MacWay list by sending them an e-mail message. (Any text in the body of the message will work, you will get an automatic reply confirming that you have joined the list) or on the Web at: EvangeList: Subscribe, Change, or Unsubscribe
Archives of past MacWay postings are available on the World Wide Web at: EvangeList Summary


E-mail Discussion Groups

for Macintosh-Using Attorneys

If you have an account on a service from which you can send and receive electronic mail over the Internet (e.g. an Internet account from a local internet service provider [ISP]; or an account on an online service such as America OnLine, CompuServe, or Prodigy; or an account on a local electronic bulletin board with e-mail access to the Internet) then you can subscribe to any number of e-mail discussion groups that concern using the Macintosh for the practice of law or the general use of computers in a law office. You will receive messages daily from people who are subscribed to the discussion group. Mail that you send in response to a message that you read, goes out to everyone subscribed to that discussion group. (Unless you specifically send it to only one person.)

Lists Available:



Network2d-l provides a forum for current, timely, and lively discussion of issues raised in Network 2d, the quarterly newsletter of the Amercan Bar Association's LPM Computer Division. This newsletter focuses on using technology in law offices and in the courts. For information on joining Law Practice Management's Computer Division, call the American Bar Association at 312-988-5619. Membership in the Computer Division, or even in the ABA, is not required to participate in Network2d-l. This list is intended for lawyers, legal academicians, judges and legal professionals. Vendors, in general, are not being accepted at this time in order to keep our level of traffic manageable. However, vendors who have on-site corporate counsel who wish to subscribe may do so.

To subscribe, send electronic mail from the address you expect to receive your list traffic to The body of the message should consist of the single line (note that the "l" in network2d-l is an "L" not a "one"):

subscribe network2d-l your full name
EXAMPLE: subscribe network2d-l John Smith

In the subject line, indicate whether you are a lawyer, judge, legal academic or what your position is that interests you in this list. Note, in the message to the listserv you should not have a period at the end of any line.

Once you are subscribed, the address the address to use to send mail to this list is:

To subscribe, simply send e-mail to requesting to be put on the list.
The Computer Law Observer is distributed FREE each month via e-mail by Challenge Communications, a legal content provider, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Each issue of The Observer contains an article discussing an important legal development relating to the Internet and computer technology in general. The articles are written for both lawyers and non-lawyers.


Other legal e-mail discussion lists can be found on the
LIST OF LAW LISTS assembled by Lyonette Louis-Jacques at:

or at the
ABA list of e-mail discussion groups:


Resources On The World Wide Web
Concerning The Macintosh and The Law

The American Bar Association announces the creation of a new, revitalized, Web site specifically for attorneys who use the Macintosh computer in their legal practice. This comes contemporaneously with Apple's resurgent interest in the law office market. The site has links to articles and resources of interest to Macintosh-using attorneys. The Webmaster of the site invites you to visit, send feedback, and make suggestions on what content you would like to see on the site in the future.
The American Bar Association Apple/Macintosh Interest Group

Law Office Software For Canadian Macintosh Users
(The Macintosh is a major player in the law office market in Canada! This link is to a site which is more comprehensive than the present site with regard to law office applications for the Macintosh which are specific to Canada, and specific provinces and cities within Canada.)

Fleming, Hovenkamp & Grayson
is More Productive in the Office and at Trial using Apple Macintosh and PowerBook Computers

Law Practice Management section of the ABA / Apple Macintosh Interest Group

Macs and the Judiciary

Confessions of a Mac Attorney
By Brad Handler, Esq.
(Excellent account of one attorney’s quest to keep using his Mac in an all-Windows firm. Includes myth-busting arguments, with cites, to use when pleading case with IS.)

Macintosh in the Law Office vs. Windows 95
(An article from late last year answering the question that was uppermost on the mind of most Macintosh-using attorneys: Will Windows 95 doom the Macintosh as an option for law office use?)

Attorneys who use Macs are better and more productive attorneys. At least, that is the experience at the Adams & Reese law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana. They have over 120 lawyers in their offices, making them one of the largest law firms in Louisiana and the Gulf South, and they use Macintoshes for everything from legal research on the internet to preparing briefs for the Supreme Court. Their firm was recently featured in Computer Counsel, a publication dedicated to the use of technology by lawyers. This publication usually reports only on the Wintel platform, but an entire recent issue was devoted to the use of Macs by lawyers. The Mac-related articles in that issue have been republished at: Anyone interested in the use of Macs in the PC-dominated legal field should take a look at the articles. In these articles, you'll hear from many lawyers who have decided that Apple simply provides the best platform.

The Well Connected Attorney e-zine.
(Recent information about law office use of the Macintosh.)


Macintosh Evangelism
(Why You Should Go With A Macintosh Instead of a PC In Your Law Office)

For a really good Mac vs Wintel comparison, check:

A great web site to visit when you want to back up your enthusiasm for the Mac OS platform with hard facts: The Ammunition HQ web site features a library of cost data, benchmarks, and testimonials that can help you put together a compelling presentation on the Mac OS platform. A free Ammunition HQ defense pack is available for free downloading.

The Macintosh Advantage
(Comparing the Macintosh with PCs running Windows '95.)

Comparative Cost and Functionality of Macs and Intel-Based Machines
(In summary it is clear that Macs are cheaper to buy and operate and require from 1/2 to 1/8 the amount of support time as Intel's.)

Comparative Cost and Functionality of Macs and Intel-Based Machines
Common Misconceptions about the Mac
Macintosh and Windows Compatibility
The difficulty of networking Win95 vs. Mac
Dual Platform Support Costs
Top Ten PC Fairy Tales
Why Macintosh?
Windows95 Drawbacks
Top Myths About Macs

World Wide Web Sites of Interest

to Macintosh Users

and Potential Macintosh Users

The following World Wide Web sites will answer a lot of the questions you might have about using a Macintosh and finding Macintosh-related products. They will also keep you up to date on the happenings in the computer industry and with Apple in particular.

Apple Computer Home Page
(Global entry point for the Apple Web servers. Includes corporate information, press releases, employment opportunities, investor information, and how to contact Apple.)

Apple USA Support
(Complete support and product information, including Apple Software Updates, the searchable Technical Information Library, and product data sheets for Apple hardware products.)

Apple System Software Technologies and Mac OS
(Information about Macintosh system software now and plans for the future of the Mac OS, including a release chronology and a description of the core technologies.)

Apple Computer's Connectivity Demonstration and Support Network (CDSN)
(Specializes in providing resources for the demonstration of Apple and third-party connectivity products and solutions.)

Apple E-Mail Mailing Lists
(At this site you can join any of the official Apple e-mail mailing lists, which include:
Information Alley: daily support information from the Service & Support Engineering group at Apple Computer.
Apple News Releases: latest press releases from Apple Computer.
Apple Software Updates: latest information and locations of Apple software updates.
Apple New Hardware: latest information on new hardware from Apple Computer.)

Apple Tech Info Library
(Apple's official technical support database. It contains over 12,000 articles on all aspects of Apple products, past and present. It is updated daily with new information. This is the same technical support database used by Apple support staff, world-wide.)

Apple Fact Sheets and Brochures
(Summary information on various Apple technologies, including:
Macintosh Advantage Fact Sheet
Why Mac? Comparison of PowerPC and Intel Pentium
Network Servers
Macintosh Advantage Fact Sheet

Click on this graphic for information on how to subscribe for free to Tidbits; the very best newsetter covering the latest Macintosh happenings. This site also contains an archive of past issues of Tidbits.
Check out TidBITS

Macintosh Myth Busting
Products by Category
Old Products
White Papers and Technology Highlights
Developer Catalog Online
Why Macintosh?
Studies and Reports
Apple Advertisements
Windows Annoyances
Mac-Managers Web Page
Apple Network Manager's Association
Macintosh In Business Site
Mobile Computing Web Page
Apple Small Business Web Page

Infoseek Macintosh DirectoryClick here to search the Web for other Macintosh-related sites.


Other Legal Resources On The World Wide Web
(Non-Macintosh Specific)

Forensic Graphics
(A website that explains computer visualization, 3D modeling and animation for lawyers and experts.) These are generally pictorial representatons and simulations of fires,explosions, construction defects, evironmental hazards, complex injury accidents, crime scenes and large loss failure cases that result in investigation, arbritration or litigation.
Substantive Law on the World Wide Web
CLE Online
counsel connect
The Legal Pad
( The Legal Pad is a Searchable Index of Legal Related Internet Resources including Law Schools, Law Firms, Lists of Other Legal Resources on the Internet and Legal Clip-Art.)
The Goodman Law Firm (Bunches of interesting links!)
The Compleat Lawyer
Technology Law Newsletter
FindLaw-Internet Legal Resources
The Practicing Attorney's Home Page
Internet Legal Resource Guide
Legal Counsel & Computing
The Journal of Online Law
LawLinks: The Internet Legal Resource Center
Legal Resources on the Internet
The Internet Lawyer
Law Technology Center
THE SEAMLESS WEBsite - law and legal resources - The Crossroads
The Law Library on The World Wide Web
Law Employment Center on The World Wide Web
Welcome to Cal Law
California Legal Resources
CalBar links - other sites
University of Florida College of Law Internet and Computer Law Association legal research links page
Working Pages - LPM XCHG
What's New on the LPM Web Site
ABA LPM Section Apple/Macintosh Interest Group
Attorney's Toolbox
Law Office Software/Macintosh
Substantive Law on the Web
Legal Products for the Apple Macintosh
Viktor Berry's Home Page
THE SEAMLESS WEBsite - law and legal resources - The Crossroads
Welcome to Cal Law
LAW JOURNAL EXTRA! ® - The Web Site for the Profession
Law Law Technology Center
California Legal Resources
Law Technology Center Interactive Index
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
California Legal Resources
Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
The Internet Lawyer Discussion Groups Catalog
Legal Resources on the Internet
LawLinks: The Internet Legal Resource Center
The Journal of Online Law
Legal Counsel & Computing
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
THE SEAMLESS WEBsite - law and legal resources - The Crossroads: Legal Service Providers
Matthew Bender & Co., Inc. Home page
Quick Macintosh Law Lesson
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law: Law Journals
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Thomson Professional Publishing
Legal Reference: Legal Research
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
LawLinks: The Internet Legal Resource Center
Bancroft-Whitney Articles from Computer Counsel
The Adams and Reese Experience
Supreme Court of Georgia
Legal Forms on the WWW
Benchin' Browse - Industry Specific : Legal Appellate Counsellor Home Page
Golden Gate University Schools - Law
Law Office Technology
Law-on-the-Internet Book List
ABA LPM Section Apple/Macintosh Interest Group
Oregon Ivy Home Page
Supreme Court rulings
Search the Supreme Court database using keywords
calbar links - law schools
Court Decisions on the Web
Law Links
The State Court Locator
MicroLaw's Ultimate List of Legal Lists
The Consumer Attorneys of California
Law Office Technology
The State Bar of California
Fleming, Hovenkamp & Grayson
Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy - Attorneys at Law
CLE Now!
USA Legal Information Center
LAWeb California
Welcome to the Electric Library
Price, Postel & Parma LLP: Internet Law Links
Appellate Counsellor WWW Legal Resources - Legal Questions, Answers and Research
CLE Online Home Page
Welcome to Legal Survival: The Law You Need to Know
Web Law Review, Front Page - Small Claims Court
Legal Ink Home Page
ABA's Section of Real Property, Probate and Trust Law
DiscLaw: Virginia Cases and Statutes on CD-ROM
The American Standard Law Dictionary
Medico-Legal Associates
Hahn, Walz, Knepp and Dvorak--Resources
U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library
Welcome to Glasser LegalWorks
reviews of the U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library
Avalon Project at the Yale Law School
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
GSU College of Law -- Legal Research Meta-Index Open Discussion Groups
List of ABA Entities
Law Practice Management
Directory of Law Related Discussion Groups
Directory of Law Related Discussion Groups
Doc Steen's Legal Links
Practice Areas: Legal Research
The Self Help Law Center
The Self Help Law Center California Child Support Calculator
Information Regarding Discussion Groups
Roadmap to Managed Care - CLE
California Judicial Council Legal Forms lookup
Handbook of California Civil Procedure
WISBAR Legal Resources
The Law Engine! (tm)
Witkin Legal Institute: Links to Web Sites

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